Friday, October 3, 2014

Search for a Motto

(It rained cats and dogs in Idaho for a few days so my random wreath/unbrella went along with it. Thanks, mom for letting me keep it up a few days. It's put back away.)
I like quotes. And I like to begin a new school year or the new year with one. Usually it isn't just a quote, but a thought or feeling and it most likely sprouts from some event or scripture that seems to match what we are going through.

For some time I liked this quote:

Do it.
Do it Right
Do it Right Now

Well, sometimes that was spot on. Other times, say when you are sick, it just doesn't work. When in regards to being impressed or feeling a nudge- then, yes, I follow that. But sometimes there are times when that quote didn't fit into our lives.

In fact, putting something off until I was ABLE to do it, was the right choice for me.

I saw this quote and really liked it:

Do Your Best
Until you Learn Better
Then Do Better

Those three lines can really cause me to think for awhile and I like that. So that will go in the ponder pot for J. and I this year as well.

Then one night Padre was reading out of a book about some people we call pioneers and the adversity they faced. Somewhere in Isaih (The Bible) is a scripture that starts out talking about water and being overtaken by it.

These pioneers faced crossing cold rivers on more than one occassion and in little more than thread bare clothing, freezing temps, and snow to walk through to the next river crossing. A quote from that book said that some "trembled" at the sight.

Boy, howdy. I would have. When I was a girl we hiked into Alaska Basin in the Tetons on a regular basis. Before we reached our camp spot, there was a huge log over an angry rusing stream. The log was shaved flat on the one side and so it was a matter of walking across it while balancing your heavy pack.

Today there is a strong cable to hold onto for balance however, back then, we didn't have that. No one that I know in our group fell in. But that crossing always creeped me out and when I got to the other side, I can't tell you the relief I felt. When my hiking boots made it to the end of that huge log, jumped down with the help of one of the Dads, and walked up an incline of smooth flat rock that had been warmed in the sun- I felt home free.

Another reason why the quote about water not coming over them or overtaking them reminds me of water doing just that when I almost drowned in a friend's backyard pool. That experience was awful. Choking on chlorinated water hanging onto the edge of the pool in the deep end was a moment that is engraved on my mind!

The mother had warned us (me and my baseball teammates) to NOT use the big innertube in the deep end. Well, I was diving for rings and sure enough several of the girls floated overhead unbeknownst to me until I came up for air only to find a tangle of feet, a black endless innertube that was too heavy for me to lift out of the way.

As I searched for the "opening" I recall the sheer panic and hurry my brain was trying to tell my body to do as it flailed for direction and sunlight. Things went dark in my brain and then I found it; air.

It took me a long time to over come the chest crushing feeling I had whenver I water skiid and the water over took me and encompassed my being, the waves over my head.

Anyway, I liked that promise given in Isaih that we wouldn't be spiritually overcome by water. Sorry I can't find it right now. Later. Another quote in the same breath of that scripture in the book Padre was reading said: "Deliverance is Nigh."

Then I knew what my own personal motto/slogan what have your would be for now. Those three words. I have been relieved of personal situation on quite a few occassions and I look forward to and ask for them currently.

I can identify with the people who came across the U.S. to Utah and the fear; their "tremblings."

I felt it a week ago before my infusion.... I was scared, Readers. I have been around the block with these big gun meds. They are powerful and can consumme your being. It hurts. It helps. But it hurts.
I am grateful my situation is not as bad as others. My heart wrenches as I hear about the suffering of many in the news lately. I'm sorry, but I have to turn it off and just go about my daily task. Like doing laundry, cleaning a kid's football uniform, making something to eat and helping J. with his homework. Simple things. That I'm glad I get to do. And I have a kid to keep positive. It's hard when to do when the world is wanting you to panic, and flail about wondering what to do.

I know what to do and I'm not really that worried. Yeh, I find myself trembling at points. But it is like crossing that tree in the Tetons; I just gotta balance and walk across. Then help others as they do the same.

I really don't mind keeping J "in the dark" for as long as necessary as far what is happening in the world.


So he has some good memories stored up to help him endure whatever comes his way later on. Our world can be a good, peace filled one. Yeh, we gotta play in some emotion bowls, tackle some tough dudes. But I feel confident about it.. Especially with the promise of deliverence....

That's about all I've got in me to write right now.

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