Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sack Lunch

* This was Sunday morning......

I just made one. A Sack Lunch

Not for me. Jaden.
Since I was able to walk upstairs and who knows if I could later on, I made it. Two Almond Butter and J's. Yeh, he's allergic. Thank you whoever invented Almond butter. He hated it at first and now he loves it. Finding protein your kid will eat as a kid is hard enough. Add an allergy and, well,
Who  is allergic to peanut butter? Apparently that J. kid.
I'd never even heard of such a thing growing up. Unless they were and nobody knew it.
So this weekend was rough. Sunday was horrible. Realized that this taper off prednisone needs some sort of test like diabetics do with their blood. So if I get an infection and need a stress dose of prednisone, or if I forget to take the 1mg tabs when I get to the complicated halvseys of tapering; my blood would just tell me the amount to take.
Or it would be some app on the cell phone and Siri would say: "Amanda take da da da amount."
My friend tried to "shhsh" Siri late one night so it didn't wake his wife and I guess Siri doesn't know that command yet.
that's funny.
what isn't funny is this set back. Seriously ON my BACK?
Could not MOVE. Well, without much consternation.
Once a GI Dr. told me if I didn't taper off prednisone I wouldn't be able to lift my head off the pillow.
I was in the hospital with a flare and I didn't know prednisone yet and so I shrugged my shoulders and thought: "hm."
Didn't think much else about not being able to lift my head off the pillow until yesterday.
Literally I laid there on my back wondering why on earth.... and
"Yup, he was right. Man, I hate prednisone. "
Then rambled "This too shall pass." for some time and
That's when I did some thinking and figuring and sure enough, I was off on my morning counting and as a result was tapered too much.
Goll DARN!
It took a few hours til it kicked in and I could lift my head off the pillow along with my legs.Which I let take me to the loo.
Speaking of legs. J. came in last night and we had family home evening (watched a snippet of a  flick, and some Kid Snippets and called it FHE. while my head was pinned to the pillow.
 Just in case Monday night got hectic, wait, football is over so we actually  might have time tonight. Anyway, he ends up pillow chatting with me while I prop myself up on the pillows so the acid in my body doesn't burn my esophagus AND my sinuses in the night,  we say prayers. , right in my way!
So the Norwegian best seller Christmas book that is THE 2014 book, is adorable.
I can just sit and stare at the pictures taken by Anja's father. I have had it out upstairs and it has gotten read to some of the grandkids already.
They are enthralled.

I love stumbling upon a great book. Send some my way if you get the time.
I will have J. help take some pics and we will upload them.

Oh, I saw a movie that was surprisingly good. It is called
A Better Life.

The part that struck me was when a young teen and his dad are at a rodeo and the kid says:
"Look at all these poor people and their kids. Why do they have them?"

The hardworking, can't buy a break, Dad is dumbstruck. He can't answer but simply tells the boy to "not say that."

Then at a poignant moment, when the chance that they will be separated for a time, he tells him:
"I loved your mother. We got married. We came north. People change. We had you.
I had you for me. For a reason to live."

Quite touching.

WEll, I might eat that sack lunch. J. told me he signed up for hot on Friday.

wulp, you won't believe what happened.
Got rear ended. While being dropped off to do some blood work.
How random can things get, I ask you, Reader?

Could have done without the additional injury. 
A story/post for another day when I can try and be funny.

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