Friday, October 10, 2014

Some Superstitiousness, Football, And

* are Blue n White*
(Is it me or does the kid in the forefront look like he's teen or something? Man J. 's grown.)
Drum roll for Padre's photo sequence he was really proud of himself for taking...
( J.'s teammate, E. , running the football)
So it is October.
We have had some remarkable lovely weather.... my flowers are still blooming;
(View from below, in the Adirondack chair)
J. had grueling football practice all week due to a bye. The weather is supposed to turn just in time for the next game and into the play offs. Of course. Wouldn't be Idaho if it weren't freezing the majority of the time.
J. shared some HILARIOUS Halloween appropriate events with me. They happened to him in the last couple weeks and fall into the category:
'Now that's Hitchcock Freaky' !
Lately, the crows living in the Mordoor Trees outside our house, have been cool with us. So that has been a big bonus. Maybe they don't recognize me with the moon face?  
 See Ya!
********AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH as I was typing while on the couch, some kid stepped on my bare pinkie toe with a cleat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh!
what am I even doing? am I typing? yes! I am! about crows! except for the time J. was mowing and heard some of them bickering and then a crow fell outta the tree in front of him. hm. Those crows have a sense of humor, eh?
Then the other day he was practicing on his bike by doing 'defying your mother to death' tricks and there was a rogue black cat running around.
"Don't you dare, don't you dare!" he said under his breath. It must have heard him cause it dared and it did. It pompously walked right in front of him.

That one made me laugh so hard. As if the cat knew he was the most feared animal on the planet...

getting closer to where I was sitting on the sidelines- I was worried about getting toppled in my lawn chair. Padre didn't bring the rocking chairs to this game. )
ok. Now that we have those minor things out of the way for the superstitious,

Let's talk horror.

If you think a crow or cat is scary then you haven't seen one on prednisone. I mean taper off it.

(Getting Closer.....)

I seriously hope my Dr. knows what he is doing. Yesterday I was actually able to go run some errands. I knew today I would have to drop another 5 so I got needed groceries, the car filled with gas, and somehow ended up at a craft store. (see previous post about my glue gun injuries. )

Too close....

And E. clips our toe nails....

Recently J. stumbled onto some dirt bike riding in the Transylvania, Romania area. Red Bull puts on some huge, several day bike ride called Romaniacs in the hometown of Dracula. Appropriate for this time of year. Where they ride is actually quite

Pretty hard....

Who rides up moss? Apparently these guys. J. watched for a bit then had to head outside and "practice". I miss that kid when he goes to school sometimes. I can honestly say I enjoy being around that boy. he makes me laugh. Is really insightful and can explain things to me that I don't get. I enjoy him. Wish I could still bike. Maybe next year?

*On the health front for those who are following Entyvio. We have some bad news and more bad news.  The first is that tapering off prednisone really fast, is not fun. And yesterday I got to see that it was just a band aid on my Crohns flare. The Entyvio hasn't picked up yet.

Today is another step down. The most difficult step, I bet. Bringing me down to 5 mgs. Why does this matter? Because the body produces 7.5 on its own. Which means I am gonna find out whether the adrenal glands are as hard to wake up as J. in the morning after hard football practices.

(check out that track start form! Coach Guilford would eat that up J.! )

It is a good thing we watched  a studio c clip about school pictures and even the one about the painting of Mona Lisa. All good ops to practice up on the pictures that will be immortalized in time shown to those who didn't understand you had a home perm done by your mother on your layered hair. And you wore glasses. And needed braces. And then couldn't change the class photo- retakes are only for individual photos. So that class picture is crucial.

I don't know about you but I have my fingers crossed for all children today.

I gotta rest,

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