Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Christmas Theme Unveiled!


Well, the other day I stumbled across a Norwegian saying that will be my Christmas wish \Theme. And after looking at some things online, I want to decorate our fake, Charlie Brown Chrismas Tree in this fashion.

If you are new here you may be asking:
"Why so early?"

a disease I have, Prednisone- a med to help the disease I have- basic life altering things that make any day, besides the holidays, lets say, difficult. And make ya want to blog! And Choose Christmas Themes.... Who does this? A small population that I am a part of....

So in my Christmas letters.  I want to put this Norwegian Wish:

"May your Christmas be good and give you peace of mind. May all problems become small and disappear. Let the days to come be good and kind. Merry Christmas to you and your family." 
how cute is that anyway?!?
 and then I found these sweet little stamps from here:
(Norway stamps from 2010. Picture found on
If I don't get letters done this year, just come to my blog and see what would have or may arrive in your mail box some time in March.
Or maybe next Christmas!
So that Norwegian saying will be typed up on my olde type writer
(see picture above- that is my inspiration.) 
and sent to friends and loved ones some snowy Idaho day.
Yes, it isn't even Halloween. However, there is a cold in the air and the wind is whipping up like at the beginning of Ichabod's journey homeward after his frightful party!ooooo!
What is more frightful, I am beyond Boo-hoo-ing with this taper, my health and then I peeked at the news and we have a minor pandemic. Folks are freaking out!
 Stay calm, Readers. Of course use your noodle, but let's try to keep this in pandemic perspective.
Same usual rules apply: Wash your hands. Cover your cough. And wear your Haz Mat Suit.
 Pretty simple. Don't see why the fuss. kidding. It's  mildly disconcerting.


For me, and my circumstances, I have Christmas on my mind. Weird, I know. I don't even know what to wish for. Well, I would love if some smarty pants could come up with a med for Ebola. Oh, and maybe I wish I wouldn't have seen that movie, Contagion with Matt Damon in it, other than that I am good. I have all I need. Seriously. I am very blessed.
Even J. could not think of anything when I asked what he wanted this year. He stopped, thought about it a minute then shrugged.
"What I want I am saving up for... so I don't know." he replied.

"Oh, good." I replied. "Because I have a lot of ways I want to wrap gifts this year, so when you open them and they are empty; they were just for decoration."

He gave me a drab look. I thought he'd laugh...... hm.
 Don't worry, though. One day we were in Wal-Mart a mere ten minutes, picking up some milk, he found something he could tell me, to tell Santa, that he wanted. I told him I would pass it on.
And then I googled a favorite calendar of mine The Stendig Calendar

(a calendar that is so cool it is part of 'Museum of Modern' - ness. I made the last part up.)
 The reason why I love this calendar is because I can SEE it. Yes, I am pretty much blind.
Not necessarily due to prednisone. But it helps to have a HUGE calendar when you are on it because the days run into one another when you are sick.

The search for the calendar led me:

to some gal named, Hege's blog. She is from Norway. ( I think it is a sign that I needed more Norway inspiration! She is into interior design. Very cool pictures and work. I admired many of the pictures as I endured a few hours the other night. Thanks Hege!

Having some computer problems.... better wrap this up.

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