Saturday, October 11, 2014

Recess and Entyvio Report


(Random family photo of a child learning to pose for Padre's Pictures.)
Why does learning literally hurt?
J. will come home from school exhausted from trying really hard. And it reminds me of trying really hard when I was in school. Especially with math or something. Almost gave me a 'headache' trying to learn.
I might have to research it.

My nephew had started kindergarten this year and wasn't too excited about it. In fact I heard he hated it!

(That's him bustin an EWE up above.)
Can you blame him for not wanting to go to school when he used to play cowboy at home every day?
I loved sub teaching his age group so  
when he came over the other day, I mentioned that I'd heard he didn't like school so much.
He seemed to be ignoring me as he sat on the tramp trying to transform one of J's transformers.
 Then like a confident cowboy sauntering into a Saloon he said:
" Yeh, you heard correctly; I didn't like it."

That kid can mimic a kid not paying attention to a parent better than any kid I know!
I was curious to find out what brought about the change of heart.
"What made ya start to like going to school?" I asked.


DO NOT READ BELOW if ya want something fun or exciting in life.
Cause it's the:
The Entyvio and Prednisone Update is next.  ya don't want to stick around and read. feel free to go to recess.
- I feel REALLY sore in my mucles. As if I had a hard workout in Coach Guilford's weight lifting class.
So the rice bags have been out. I try to avoid the heating pad in case I fall asleep.
 You should too.

Rice bags give a "moist heat" that is beneficial for the facist feet of mine. They say to alternate between that and ice for 20. And stretch every two hours. Yeh, right.
-Headaches. Zofran for the nausea has helped.
-Eye strain. It seems like my eyes tire out really quickly. Maybe it is connected to the headaches; causing them?
-I have made a bunch of stuff out of yarn. Apparently yarn is the prednisone craft mascot for this particular taper.
Really like the Lion brand.
I am getting to the point of wanting, or hoping, that I can learn to knit and maybe even become an accomplished seamstress.

But I do want one that isn't one of those fancy computer capable ones. Just want to keep it simple.

Day 2 at 5 mgs.
Our bodies produce 7.5 mgs of cortisol by themselves. For 3 years pred. has helped me do it synthetically. Like most teens, they just want to sleep, scoff at work, and generally are in a bad mood. Or PMS-ing. Noticing this today. Not with J. but with my adrenal glands. But he has had some moments of onery too. I don't know if it's football or if football is helping. Or if this is how young boys act at this age. Or he is mad about this stupid disease and prednisone. too.

All of the above.

Did waaaayyyyyy to much research last night. My advice to myself- try to take it easy. But that would mean closing my eyes when I would actually like to look around. Lots of eye pain?

Even before I did the reading I did last night...... hmmmm. Entyvio, or no? That question is starting to sound like a game show name. Hope some scientists or experts in microbiology or endocringology are playing that game with a microscope and petri dish right now. 

Does it sound like I am a weatherman giving the forecast or more like I am an astronaut telling folks back in Houston all about something really technical and beyond my imagination about space?

Feels like both to me.

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