Thursday, October 9, 2014

Glue Gun Control Law

If you are on prednisone you should NOT be able to use a Glue Gun.
It's way too dangerous.

Since Christmas is mere months away, I have resorted to starting to prepare early for the events. Knowing I would have to taper off  prednisone during a ball park area of these next few months I wanted a jump start on my homemade gifts so that they were done before I was paralyzed. Or at least recall who they were for so I could save them for next year.
  So, I did what any person on prednisone would do and started pulling out everything in my craft area (loose term for the area where all my stuff is kept) to help the creative juices flow.
All of my crafts are loosed out over the family room, my bedroom, and upstairs.
Yarn, of all shapes and sizes is a big part of what I am making. And let's just say I don't knit.
Anyway, what I failed to remember was how hot the blue guns can get! And how thin my skin is. No, it is reallllllyyyy thin. I have burned myself at least 20 times. Have I learned my lesson?
So I asked J. to help. He did the same unexpectedly- except his wound is a huge chunk of skin ripped off one of his fingers.
"Don't show me that!" I screeched when he was done dancing around the room.
J: "It hurts!"

ME: "Well I am nauseated especially when I see your  bone!
 Save it for Halloween!"
Due to the hap hazardous nature of the guns themselves; think of someone on prednisone with a glue gun.
Unlike a normal gun with a safety, a glue gun gets hotter and hotter and continually oozes.
The owner must plug and unplug the gun as there is no perfect setting. But all of those flaws don't matter because a person's skin on prednisone is so thin that when the box is opened to retrieve the glud gun, your skin immediately melts.
(Did I mention I am tapering off prednisone at an alarming quick rate?)
So,  I think that Congress, local officials, hobby lobbies, should all address this critical cause. We the people should impose laws on all Craft Stores that people only go to when it turns cold, they turn geriatric, or they are under prednisone magic craft spell !
When somebody on prednisone goes in to buy Glue Sticks;
I.D. her/him.
They are too dangerous waving that thing around.
By I.D. -ing you can detect prednisone usage.
A random event may go like this....
Craft Checker: "Mam," suspiciously eying a cart full of jelly-fied glue sticks,
"I am going to need to see your license."
Pred. Person- "I carry a concealed glue  gun license!  Isn't there something in that one Bill that protects my rights? You have no right to view my Driver's License! Besides it was a horrible shot."
Checker: "Yup, I can see that you were skinner in this photo and your cheeks now resemble a chipmunk's.
Person on Prednisone: "I happen to like gumballs that YOUR STORE sells and craft at the same time!"
"I'm sorry." handing your license back, " that actually makes you look good comparatively to how you do now."
"Look! I NEED these glue sticks! Okay!? I have 5 crafts scattered all over my house- if I don't finish it up soon...."
sccush: "We have a Code 6 up front, Code Six up front."
hm. that was sort of funny. Right now I am not feeling funny. Sadly, I started this post just 2o minutes ago and already I'm feeling bleck again. I thought sitting up in another room would help. Nope.
Crafting has been helping but like I said, I have sustained some injuries with the dang glue gun. I should just use tape. But duct tape, although wildly popular now,  will look kinda funny on my presents...
This fast taper does seem to give me a glimmer of hope- yay! Who doesn't want off prednisone!?
but  it is like pushing someone down the mountain rather than them hiking out using their feet to propel them. It is a bit fast. There are the classic symptoms: head feels like it is being squezzed between.... something really hard.
Okay. Gonna stop there. Before my brain hurts worse- but, for the record, I have NO IDEA how this is gonna happen. Some serious tears ahead.  And not just from hot glue!
P.S.- My glue gun is not like the guy's in the picture but it seems a bit "industrial" for the level of gluing I am doing.

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