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Trying to See or Understand an Adventure

(A Glider plane beginning its journey to the Tetons & ultimately circling it twice.)
Have you ever needed to have someone explain the view to you?
(like what it feels like to be in a glider plane??)
I have always been able to see thanks to glasses.
(Well, sort of, when I wake up it's all a blur to me- kind of like what I am trying to write about and have needed help writing about and why I just got on to blog.

 As luck would have it, long term prednisone use makes it so your eyes don't have that

 "crisp , clear view. "

You get the fuzzy un-focused star
behind the heart up there.

For those of you with glasses, it's like that first pair of glasses or a new prescription and you see the finite of the world that was once irrelevant because you didn't know it existed.

The  "squishiness" I see is a mixture of the water retention which results in a loss of laser focus only the Jedi Masters have, I guess.
 I can squint all I want and that fuzzy curtain in spots is that fuzzy curtain.
(Stars on Parade but with the sheers it is a fuzzy-ness, no??Stars by Piggy & Dirt on
 This leads into my dilemma of writing an essay about something I haven't done and needing those who HAVE done and seen it explain it to me so I can write about it.

Like that person in the glider up above.


 I want the article able to  make the reader feel as close to being there as possible - but how?
I haven't been where they have been and I need to know their thoughts and feelings so I can

find the words.

*This must be what a journalist feels all the time but they went to Universities to learn how to do it.
I didn't. They have tricks up their sleeves that I don't and probably a better vocabulary.

I have to rely on what I've got.
And asking a lot of questions of the Masters.
First I started with the graduates in the field of writing and wisdom, 

the "Jedis" of the experiences
I was trying capture. They were all adults.
(these planes were flying above our house on the 3 or 4th. They gave rides to those who wanted to feel what a T-6 plane felt like. These planes were to help the pilots get ready for the Mustangs.)
  One of the uber intelligent friends helped me realize who the audience I needed to direct my words to. Seems obvious but when I start writing, I think I am just writing to whoever. Easier that way.

Smart Helper Friend: "Yeh, you are using these big words that the reader won't or can't relate to in the circumstances. I'd take that word out.

ME: (in my mind: "I lost the essay I wrote and whipped this piece up in ten minutes. Not bad for being on the spot. And, yes, my word belonged in a Shakespeare play and doesn't belong in an essay directed toward the

"adrenaline junkie."

Which is a tough audience for me to write to right now seeing how I have been lacking it [adrenaline]for a long, long time.

After gleaning some more from the helper friend, I went home a bit discouraged and talked to J. about it.

J: "Yeh, mom you are using these flower words when you need to use words that are, like, ...."
and he put his hands in the air like a mad scientist who created FUN!
( - for the free picture)

And he screeched, or shrieked "pure joy." or "pure awesomeness."

ME: "How do I put what you just did and said into words?" I asked while slowly realizing the one person that I needed to talk to- was J. (a.k.a Jaden, Jaders- my son. For any of the new readers.)
After an Adventure of J's Dirt Bike Riding which by the way he watched and focused on for years and waited until he was old enough to go with the Jedi's. That's not their last name- it's just how good they are. Even the girls. And the mom. Who is a grandma. Don't get me started.

ME: So how was it?? (after a trip dirt bike riding)
J: Silence. He nodded when I asked if it was fun.
He did  a lot of arm folding and listening to our friends who were doing some instructing and also he was busy watching one of them do tricks on a trials bike. J. was watching like a hawk.
So I just let it go until he had processed it and maybe I could get something out of him to help me with my essay.
Later he showed me a video of a song. I think he was him trying to take me along for
( this little "mad scientist" makes me think of the guy going into the air by the push of a button but also he makes me think of boys and how they like to play games. Which doesn't interest me. I think that maybe certain minds are just wired differently!) 

the ride of what he feels
The song is called: The Nights-Avicii is the band, and the front man does the video.
And this is what I saw and heard:

1. A lot of spray paint in the kid's garage. And him putting his logo on a piece of wood.
2. Jumps off cliff into water
3. Hunting trip with his dad and brother
4. More water. This time he is wake boarding. Then he is surfing behind the boat. Then he takes a shirt off and runs toward the beach where there is water. He purposely falls off back of boat into the water.
5. Bungee Jumping.
6 Lots of Parkour. - which is a lot of running, jumping, and climbing and done in an urban area.
7. Roller coaster with his dad/family.
8. Biking, running on the sand for working out.
9. Snowboarding and then chilling around in their shorts  in lawn chairs and, once again, falling over backwards into snow. Being pulled behind a snow machine on his stomach. I forget if he has a shirt on and shorts....
10.Playing his guitar and dancing in the living room of his house.
11. Lots of driving and having the window down and letting the wind blow through his long hair.
12. yikes. he gets on top of the moving car and kinda surfs. That is dangerous.

(Kurt made this old school skull that I have never seen before on his etsy site: Piggy &Dirt on
The more I thought about it I was realizing that J. was my main man; the guy to give me the good information on what it feels like because he is young, what he is learning to do is new and fun.
And plus, he's Jaden. When he described what it felt like by throwing his hands in the air and whooping and hollering- I should have clued in that he was the person to help me understand.
There was only one problem to this- by time I made it downstairs to listen to his day this is what I found in my bed:
j. zonked out in MY bed; the song he showed me on you-tube, playing in the background .I had told him I wanted to hear about the trip but I was too late.
 READERS! I missed my opp. to talk to him about the Adventure he had!
And I had to climb over him to turn off the radio, remove his glasses, and then go sleep in his bed.
At that point I was wondering if any keys words or information would be yanked from him in order to write the essay.
( For the record he told me later the next day that he was SO TIRED he couldn't even tell me about the trip the day before. Hence the nodding and arm folding and falling asleep in my bed.
So badly I want to be able to see what he sees, feel the rush, hear his description. And then guess what? He is at camp all week. So I had to improvise. I talked to the tech at Physical Therapy.
 I turned to my cousin who is a good writer, getting ready to graduate from college. and is wicked smart.
He also happens to be blind.

READERS! I didn't start this blog off thinking about it at all. My cousin was born with Cerebral Palsy and is blind.
left eye is legally blind and right eye is

I didn't plan on him coming into the picture but here he is.

(Here I am complaining about the fuzzies of prednisone and my cousin has real reason to complain.  )
("ugh don't.)

I was thinking of Steven because of one of his blog posts about a certain person who could use words to paint a picture.

The blog post is where he gave tribute to the Utah Jazz broadcaster, Hot Rod Hundley.
Rod Hundley Lakers.jpeg
(uploaded to Wikipedia by Holverson, Brian)

Steven met Hundley twice.
He told Steven that he knew him better than he knew himself!

Hundley graciously signed a basketball for Steven that was also signed by the Hall of Famers John Stockton and Karl Malone.

 He also let Steven wear his ginormous 16 diamond Lakers 2010 Championship ring.
(I had no idea Hundley even played for the Lakers back in the late 50's and early 60's nor that they gave him a ring for "calling" their championship run. This was after his retirement btw.)

 Hundley could take a yawner basketball game and make it exciting due to his ability with words to describe and excite the fan.

All I can recall of Hundley is:

That isn't a typo- it was the way Rod always said it and explained in interviews that it was one word.
You'd have to be long time Jazz Fan to understand.
I wasn't able to be for some reason but I can handle meshing the words because I like to make them up too.

Steven would take a radio so he could listen the game unfold through Hot Rod's eyes while holding the monocular in front of his.
Hundley's tongue was like a stroke of a paint brush that painted the picture for Steven.

The person I need to help me paint my own picture lives right under my roof.

 What is above J's head when he lies down at night. No wonder he has a young heart a "soul rocking"
experience merely jumping the "whoops" that are at high traffic and end of the trail mounds of dirt that usually one picks and sticks with.

Not J. He asked The Crew, *who heard him whoopin' it up at the end of their dirt bike ride:

"Hey are you guys jumping the divets??"
(divets or "whoops" as the dirt bikers call them are when rain and a lot of traffic make those treads in the trail. )

The Crew answered that they had not.

This song is for you J.


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