Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Anonymous that asked about losing Friends

(Used with written permission from Susan Branch.

Background info here- Readers, I had one person ask me a question some time back about how to keep her friends. I wasn't able or didn't look at the comment section because I had and have been sick. So that shows how good a cyber friend I can be! I tried to write a response and hope she saw it.

I have been thinking of this person this morning. All I know is she has kids and is married from what she replied and she didn't leave a name. Because it took awhile for me to respond, I feel she could have never come back to my blog and seen that I responded to her... I am worried/

(saw this at the Walgreens and had to snap a picture)

Dear Anon. ,

I am laying here and worrying about you. I don't/ can't put a face or name to who you are and I am praying that Heavenly Father is watching over you. I am sorry for not looking at my comments. I was seriously that dense and sick.

Anon. and Readers, I finally set up a PO Box so you can reach me by way of snail mail if that helps. It took a lot to get that set up! Only because of being unable to do a lot of things. The good news was the line was not one of the Postal Christmas lines. So Anon. please write to me there and then I can write back.

I will get an email account set up too.

As I lay in bed waiting for my body to be able to get up- everyone can understand that feeling! However I have tapered with prednisone and it is seriously a matter of divine intervention. Or your bladder pops you outta bed so fast you get a stress fracture somewhere. Thanks, Bladder.

Anon, I don't know if you got to read my post about the man who was in a coma for four years and then woke from it to find that he was so disabled he couldn't let anyone know he was "in there" and that he wasn't at a two year old level of learning.

 His name is Martin Pistorious. Not the one that ran in the Paraolympics then murdered his girlfriend, Martin.

Please, if you read this- try to read his book. For 7 long years he was essentially locked prisoner in his body; no one thought he was "there." He stated- through the help of a computer, that he was glad for his imagination.
It literally saved him.

I am so glad for the time in my life when I was able to read a lot. I read good books, classics, interesting books. I asked people what books they liked and read those. Librarians and workers at the library (not all librarians know what are the best books!)gave me good books to read as I struggled.
 It is amazing what book lovers will tell you to read!

I am entering into a new phase of probably listening to books. For some unknown reason my eye sight is getting weird. The optha-dude, can't spell, said I have a small film of cataract over my eyes but he was super positive with me about that surgery.

? I thought cataracts went with Cadillacs.

( actually I'd drive any Cadillac. They are so comfy. And P.S. the Dr. said: The good news is that you can drive! Some people can't! " Which was just another way of saying I shouldn't sulk.

 But it is tiring with the pressure headaches I have had lately to be happy go lucky- to add it to the list of things that are making me feel geriatric.

Anyway, I am thinking of you and honestly prayed to the heavens that you are helped. If any of you readers are within arms length of someone, reach out. I have a lot of help so this isn't my plea.

Except if Jaden is reading this, then please clean your room and do your summer chores. Please.

(he's sleeping in right now which is the "right" of all tweens and teens due to their changing bodies so that they can grow into adults who need to sleep in because they have tween and teens that keep them up at night)

I just thought of something else that has helped and that is journaling. Writing letters by hand. It helps. And it gets my mind off me.



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