Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Piggy & Dirt's Star Babies hit the Target

Star Baby - 3 inch stained glass star
(Uh, these are cute. Piggy & Dirt on etsy.com no longer need to be asked to specially make these, they have them listed on their site. )


I have mentioned on this blog before about a man from Switzerland whose name is Fred Miller.

*At Brother Miller's funeral. Far right I am wearing one of the old back packs of my Aunt's.

We called him 'Brother Miller" because he led all the hikes back in the day for our church-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He took the girls on day hikes. If you ski Targhee, Fred's mountain is named after him- not the moose.
So that started my mom and our family hiking with family and then other families got hiking and the rest is history. Hopefully I can continue his legacy of sharing stories and poems he taught us and some memorized on those hikes long ago.
 Somewhere in the archives I tell more about it. One of the songs he taught the "troops"
 ( he mainly worked with the Boy Scouts)
(oh, look! Here is a picture of one now- returning from Boy Scout Camp. Where it rained all week!)

 However, he would take the girls up Darby canyon to hike the ice caves, or possibly Table Rock- he shared the "Star Baby Song" with the girls and my mom sang it to me when I was a girl.
So I had to ask Kurt to make some of those for our grandkids and because, well, their cute. So cute they look like you could eat them...... so keep the babies away from doing that.

Piggy & Dirt created this "Rhubarb Pink" for me. But I think they call it watermelon on the site.
Cute, huh?
And then I asked Kurt for a Target. J. gets plenty of target practice but after running across a quote that was inspiring, I wanted it. Because let's be honest, not a lot of boys think stars like the ones above are cool in their room. Especially, watermelon, rhubarb pink.
"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is pulling you back with difficulties, it means it is going to
into something great. So just focus & keep
(Piggy & Dirt's glass target with arrow find it on etsy.com)
Brother Miller would tell us stories about the Indians when we sat around the campfire.
One thing that he wanted to be remember for was that of a teacher. He was at the public school but he also was by example. He was born with clubbed feet and it hurt to walk. All the time.
He was usually last- so if you were one of the ones who like to meander, you got to hear the stories.
I was one of the ones that tried to shoot up the mountain Pronto style to get the misery out of the way.
My, how the tables have turned.
I wonder now if Brother Miller is tapping into me through pulling me back by way of the physical adversities I am having.
My feet, ankles, and lower bones hurt. I am wearing a brace that keeps my right ankle from rolling on a piece of sand. So far, so good. But I really rely on it.  And it's hot.
Bullseye- 5 inch stacked stained glass bullseye
The target looks a bit like molten lava from this view. Lava is hot. The Arizona AFO brace is hot.
Not is a stylish sort of way.
Well, I am spent. I think I need to try and listen to some Big Band Love Songs to help my body.
Physical Therapy can really do a number on you; pull you back.
I just wonder whether I can keep my aim with all this pulling.
I might not hit the center.
Plenty of stars to wish on though- this Jade one seems to be calling my name.

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