Monday, July 6, 2015

Letters to Camp

Dear Son!

How's Camp???? After you left it started to rain and I checked the forecast for this week and Idaho is back on track, changing up the weather and it looks like you will have the same kind of week- rain, rain, maybe some sunshine, and more rain!

Aren't you glad I sent you with extra garbage bags just in case you had to keep your gear from getting wet?

The two days it took me to wash your clothes, make sure your gear was ready, and locate your poncho has hopefully paid off. I know getting you ready for camp was totally worth it for me!

Remember how tired you were on Saturday from the 4th of July activities and you were going to tell me all about it but you fell asleep in my bed? Well, I am all cuddled up in yours right this minute!
(mine has to have the sheets washed but I needed a break from that so I am enjoying your favorite pillow and am almost asleep as I type. )
Oh,  and you know how you are allergic to peanuts? Grandma bought peanut and chocolate chip cookies and I eat one. It was so good.

Wulp, I hope they fed you well up there at Camp No Sunshine and that you are keeping your gear dry!


Totally kidding, Son. Once you left I realized I hadn't kissed you good-bye in all the commotion.
Hope you are still having fun despite the rain. Hopefully somebody brought cards or UNO.

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