Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Know Anyone in I.F. named Lydia?

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Remember my pathetic post about being afraid of a spinal tap? Another woman was there named Lydia. If you know a "Lydia" will you please give her a hand for me? She will need help the next little while, I think.

And if you find yourself seeing her, could you help her for me?


Here's the backstory to Lydia.... I hope she doesn't mind me taking license to share. We parted without getting numbers or anything because it was urgent.

That same day I was wheeled into the Radiology waiting room, there was a room full of scary things going on. I was wheeled to a place in the sun by the window and as I read someone loudly said something to the effect of "a person's face being pulled back and... this just shocked me that they would say it so non-chalantly . 

Maybe the person had skin cancer. I don't know. But I was nerved up about my procedure and trying to read and this kind of talk jolted me from the page and I looked at the person wide-eyed.  And the individual's voice trailed off when she saw my shock.

I suppose I could have listened in and got the scoop but the person talking must have been given numbing medicine cause she talked about it like it was no big dealio.

My embellished story about being scared wasn't totally void of fear- I was nervous and I also noticed another person that seemed to be quietly nervous pacing back and forth as, looking out the window. She looked like she needed to be sent over to the ER.

After looking up and taking in the whole room, I tried to calm again with my book. Which worked. And I tried to mind my own business but I kept getting a feeling to talk to the woman who looked to be in her 20's.
Occasionally wiping a tear from her face,  I Knew something was not right, she was alone, and I had to say something.

So there, in all my glory,  in the wheelchair with my book and my fears- once I made eye contact with her I motioned to come to over.

Me: "I apologize if I am intruding but are you okay? Can I help you in any way?"

Her: She gave me a summary of what was happening, I nodded. Her child was safely in the care of her mother. Her husband dropped her off for the Xray and was back at work. Whew.

 Both of us were there waiting, dreading our procedures. Not so: Whew/
So, like a mom trying to come up with a story for a kid at bed time to get a child to calm down and go to sleep-I told her my situation was not a big deal. Basically an epidural.

I asked her questions. She was in pain and had to work through it while we waited.  So then I took over with telling her random things about me that might get her mind off of her situation.

I shared with her the book I am reading about a guy named Scott who was a contestant on The Biggest Loser- which I have never watched before.  ( we don't have regular TV here. Or I just haven't cared to watch it. ) The book was given to me not in the sense of losing weight but what the guy went through in his life. My friend wanted me to read it with J.

I have read further ahead. And have found myself going back to things in the book and re-reading because they are so powerful. It is called: Alive Again. I told her about Jaden.

Sometimes the procedures you have to have done require uncomfortable conditions and the people there allowed her to get comfortable just a little bit so that she could at least sit down.

Thank heavens. I got to learn a little bit about her and it was enough for me to hope she is okay.

I have not been able to get her off my mind.

I didn't get to tell her anymore but my name and good luck when they called her back. We both gave each other weary smiles as she went one way and my eyes went back to my book.

I was glad that I had the opportunity to actually have someone else to think about as I went through my ordeal. It helps to think about someone else.
We were able to calm each other's nerves.

I ached for her. So if you are from I.F. and know someone named Lydia- could you tell her the nervous lady in the wheelchair says hello, and that I hope she is okay.

I know it's a shot in the dark, might as well try.

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