Sunday, February 8, 2015

Vintage Plane & J.

Hi, Readers!
Here is the awesome picture Kristy Sheriff took of J and I next to Bob Hoff's vintage plane a few years ago.
The night sky was better in person at our friend's reception. And the perfect back drop to such an evening! I tried to get J. to wear something reception worthy but I love the bright yellow of his shirt against the colors!
One snap shot and it is perfect. I still need to get this photo framed but I had to have it put up this month so I could look at it!
Because it is my Birthmonth- and Leap Year Green is part of the decor, I pulled this star Kurt Knudsen (his store: Piggy & Dirt is on etsy)
from the family room window and put it in mine. I have the reds, etc. all up for the sake of Valentine's Day too.
As Valentine's Day has neared, I pulled out the garland and tried to untangle one and it is just brittle and snowed hearts all over the carpet. So I left it wadded up, like the muscles in my neck and back and placed it next to the heart star.
I found one of the hearts in my slipper:
Which must mean I wear my heart on the Soles of my Shoe rather than my sleeve.
This is my plug for this brand of slipper- Arch support is soooooo good. I wish they made shoes or something.
However, there is a foot insert that is made that is helpful. J. likes to hang out at Idaho Mountain Trading and they sell an insert by a company that lets you try it out for so many days and send it back if it didn't work.
Well, I have a shoe that is half a size up from mine and ordered in WIDE for an orthotic. I took out the footbed and put the one in and it seems to do quite a good job. My feet stay stable on the ground.
(You can catch a falling star with a shower curtain ring....)
So I don't roll my ankles, it seems to align my spine up, and slowly stretch out the knotted muscles in my back and ribs.
Happy Sunday. I am going to work on my Christmas letters. Still. Ha, ha. If you have not gotten yours yet, it is because I was waiting for the pictures to come of J. and I with the plane.
And it takes time to write personalized letters. I think I will just call them letters instead of Christmas letters from this point out.

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