Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Good Looking Gene & Green

Okay, Readers. I said I would expound on the stars and love and such this month. But yesterday I had physical therapy. And it has been raining. The snow is gone.
So, this pillow, which is a Norwahl, needed to make an appearance. He is Sea Foam Green.
like Kurt's on etsy's Piggy and Dirt glass stars:
It is called, 'Lake Shimmer'
So I entitled this post "The Good Looking Gene." I hate to say this but it runs in the gene pool/lake or what have you in our family.
(My room, and Norwahl the best Pillow ever, would love these colors...)
I just saw a picture of some cousins and some of them look like they ought to be actors. Others are really good at acting. Not acting good looking. But are some true charachters. And they are handsome/goodlooking to boot!
Looks, however, are fleeting.
Whether on prednisone or no. I really liked having my bridals done by a famous guy,
Justin Hackworth.
 (he wasn't as famous then as he is now. He takes photos for Stephanie Nielsen over at nieniedialogues.blogspot.com)
While looking for the FAMOUS badge
(courtesy of Best Made Co. )
 I found this green cake and recalled:
"Hey, J's Rossi's are green!" 
All he [J.] can think about are snow reports, skiing, boarding, and whether I will be healthy enough to get him to a mountain. Oh, hooray!!!! J. called up to Kelly Canyon and it is SNOWING there!
Thank you clouds!!!!
(And Katie's cake looks so good right now....)
For those of you Readers wondering why I am blogging green things during a month
 Known for Red
(Courtesy Kurt Knudsen)
(This one rocks. Red Doily courtesy of Kurt again.)
(Mary Deane- courtesy of Kurt's grand-daughter and all proceeds of this mini heart go to medical expenses from her terminal illness: Cystic Fibrosis)
 and Pink, and
(The Emma Star of Kurt's; 9.5 inches of blinding love right there.)
put a cake on here as well,
 it is because this month it's all because it is
A day that is so forgotten that it isn't even a day for a few years!!
And IF you are so fortunate to be born on this day, as am I, you share it with all sorts of green frogs.
The Leap Year mascot.
When I was younger my mom, if not prepared for my day on the 28th, could technically do it on the 1st of March. That month is for the Lucky Charmers!
(bling clovers courtesy of Kurth Knudsen on etsy)
It hurt my feelings! Not having a bday was bad enough. But then when my Jr. High did a huge calendar and put people's bdays and left mine off during the month of February- I pouted all of that month. I belonged with the hearts and lovey dovey stuff.
By March everyone was past a non-existing bday in the first place! And then they thought my bday was March 1st! Gads!
Now I know that what ya look like and when you were born are anything to cry about.
Unless ya wanna. Cause crying sometimes helps.
Grandma said:
"Beauty is as Beauty Does. "
So do beautiful things and you will be a beauty !

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