Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crohns, Myofacial Pain, and just Pain


(All stars are from Kurt Knudsen's And Becky Knudsen's stars, from their etsy shop: Piggy and Dirt)
And I chose his white and black line... cause it is awesome and goes with feeling happy or crappy. Cool or not so much. wah. I love the Owl ! It's the teacher in me.)

For the sick Reader- if you are a healthy Reader, you're fine to read too but it's a lot of just documenting pain/etc. Possibly boring to most.

Today was an all day-er with Padre. Well, when I finally was able to get out of bed, after the night before, which was hard, it was about noon. Last night is going much the same way. I am very stiff.

More on that in a second.

Padre, whose pompadour hair du has gone flatter since his shoulder surgery,  helped me get to Physical Therapy. It has taken several days to recover from the last one and I was worried about today's.

Today's was way easier. After being warmed up and muscles twitched,

 I was just stretched.
Which is what I needed.

B. 's wife helped me onto the moist heat, after hooking me up to electrodes, and set the ringer on my stomach to tap if I felt the need.

Then I got mooshy warm gel put on my neck, and ultra sound was rolled around it. I was reminded of the fact it is way more fun to have it rolled on your stomach to see a little one rather than on the muscles of your neck! But it felt good; relieved some pain.
I look at my friends and some have really large families. And I love that they did that. Or that they have one, like me. Little ones are so sweet, no?

My not so little one cracks me up and I love when we laugh. Padre provides ample stuff to work with.
So he was my driver today. The sun came out after hailing and warmed me as he did some errands for me.
(J's room needs this little number to go with the country, rustic, broken fences, look. Indian, New Mex Vibe I have swirling in there. Oh, and Adventure like skiing and flying. Nice mix, eh?)

a package to my niece.

(shh. don't tell her it is the Raspberry heart.)

 a visit to his mom's. then home. mom tried to hurry and do tomato soup by turning it high and then it boiled over. no worries. so Tomato soup and cheese sandwiches to dip in it.

sometimes the simplest things are the best. last night as I pillow chatted with J. we charted out winter. and next wnter. and then how long it would take to get off of prednisone. and he assured me I would make it. whew. I needed to hear that. Because later on when I woke up in the night I was hurting. I couldn't really move for a bit. And I hate that. I want to know why that is. But then I could finally and warm up some rice bags then wait..... until morning.

(This classy striped number would look good in my room. Which even has Navy goin' on. I'm sorry, but black can just go with everything. Period. In, fact this just makes me happy seeing it. Nothing sad or dark about it. )

When I can take the darn prednisone and the pain seems to be alleviated and pure tiredness falls upon me.

sometimes I feel up to it- the endurance test of withdrawal from prednisone. other times, like right now when my body is burning, I do not. and I let myself have a moment of boo-hoo- ing. okay, lots of those moments. but it's okay cause it's just me and J. doesn't see.

(I dunno if I am gonna check this mate star out... it does remind me of my bro's Vans when he wore parachute pants, rode his BMX bike and such. hey, this is a good idea to give him for his bday. Or to put over his old bedroom door to pay homage to the days of 'The Torment'- he also was the worst teaser in teazdom.)

this week has been a rough one at night for some reason. it is the third week of a taper and should be better than other weeks. ? hmm.  I wonder why that is. The nights have been hard. The pain in my muscles and ribs have woken me at night after getting to sleep. And, man, that's hard. so you are up and you hurt and everyone is asleep. so the distraction isn't there.

(I have to have this one.Order it in the fall. Sigh.)

my feet burn. from what I have no idea. so I am icing them.. and I am full of worry. of what; I don't know. I really want a lot of this to be over but that would mean skipping so much of what is neat about this part of J's life. so i can't wish it away! I need to deal with it and take in what I can of his life.
minus the skull.

(I am not huge into skulls. But this bubbly stuff looks like leather to me and I think I need Kurt to customize this star and just put different center in the middle. Like a lizard or something. That would go with J's room. Or a clear center with the pic of a fav. skier of his. Kidding. smooth black center.)

* So I went back and am editing after awaking and getting some things worked out. Stretching. Looking at things that make me happy. And his site makes me happy. But it is still hard.

I will leave you with some skullery for boo- hoo-ery about being sick.

 Sometimes getting better means going through harder pain. Like if you sprain your ankle. You have to do physical therapy and it hurts SO bad. It's like that.

In fact, there is a name for the dying off of those bad cells and bacteria that anti-biotics can kill off and it's called: Herx. Your body may feel this after a massage or physical therapy, I think. It introduces all that bac being held in the tight muscles and cells that like to hold onto it and then is released into the blood stream. If your system isn't ready for it, it can be pretty nasty.

(Piggy & Dirt wrap their stars in the coolest paper/stamps)

So that balance is critical. And H2O.

And, hey, the sun comes out in the morning like my Great Grandma would say. Or was that a song? I forget.

(all stars courtesy of Kurt Knudsen from his etsy shop: piggy & Dirt)

Whoops! I forgot to talk about Myofacial pain. Well, that can be our lesson for the nest post.

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