Monday, February 2, 2015

Piggy & Dirt V-Day Stars


          Happy Ground hog's Day!

(Susan Branch's picture of the ground hog was too adorable to not share with you. is where you will find the coziest of her posts yet from Martha's Vineyard! )

 It's officially my NON- Existing birthday month! It's going to take me a bit to get some
 happy red,

(This wreath with the pink center and gray points waited MONTHS to hang on my ARMY GREEN
Door! The grays don't go with my room, darn cause I love gray. But in the hallway.....)

 white, and every heartfelt  February color

to celebrate love.
And the whole month because I get to; because I don't get a b-day!

Most of the pics of the  stars above are a repeat for Kurt, the man behind the woman,


who have been etsy pen pals to me lately and the creators of the stars @ Piggy & Dirt. Despite the fact that the stars have dotted my posts for some time I am going to set the writing goal to write about the coolest quotes, symbolism, and such because I am tapering prednisone and am in a lot of pain and no energy.

I haven't gotten into all the reasons why I LOVE stars and why this shop on etsy won my heart months ago.
(The wrapping is also adorable so if you are sending this to someone as a gift.... they. will. love. it. )Period.

 Yes, the star baby song my mom sang to us as kids that has to do with a lonesome moon and why
God made all those little star babies.

(the itty-bitti-est star he makes for V-day!)
So through out this month I will tell you why I love stars, their symbolism, and share some more of Kurt - n - Becky's stars, with their permission, - I don't own ALL of them! DARN  IT!
I have been really excited to find ways to decorate with them and looked forward to this month so that I could put my stars on display in the front window!
Sadly, Readers- I want to look at them A LOT!
And I am still not able to take down what is up in the window now!
We still need it to:
So  certain someone can

-hey, is that some green I see? The color of Leap Year! Next Post:
The green decor.

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