Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Part II Cause I Can't Sleep

(Picture Courtesy of Kurt Knudsen and his etsy shop.. this is called: Old Glory)

Ugh, this is supposed to be a good job wrapping up Martin's story from his book: Ghost Boy
because he deserves the best words I can whip up because he had 9 years worth of words locked up inside him until a computer could help him speak the most poetic and descriptive words you will ever read, but I am exhausted and unable to sleep. And biting my nails. Which I just had my sister do with cute nail polish. Dang.

Until a person could see in his eyes that he was in there and aware of much more than they thought, was tested and found to be exactly that- aware and smarter than the average joe (he was fixing computers within no time) he was stuck in prison. His body was his prison. I identified with this on many levels. Hence the tears and an email to him in the hopes that he will write me back so I can save it in one of my journals. It would be an honor. If I only had his strength......

Just read the book.!

Yes, there are some moments that you wish that bad things didn't happen to vulnerable people like him at a time in his life when he could only endure, but Martin doesn't dwell on it and his candorand bigger than life spirit, will whisk you away from the pain and into the pure joy he has for life,

for a brain that busted the chains that held him back,

Old Glory Star- 10 inch lacquered glass red white and blue patriotic star

and the possiblities if one only has the courage to dare to dream.

To dare believe in miracles!

And then there is Joan (pronounced) Joanna? Whose soft, British accent lends itself to the charms of his deepest hope in finding his other half; the half that speaks volumes to his that communicates everything with just his twinkling eyes and calming and infectious smile.


 Yay those Two!
They deserve so much happiness. I want their dreams to come true. For Martin to drive a car. he works so hard and they want to start a family and own a 'bungalow.'
Betsy Ross- Patriotic Stars and Stripes 4th of July decor, 9 inch lacquered red white and blue glass star
(starts courtesy of Kurt Knudsen on his etsy store. He has tons of different kinds so take a peek!)

As I have gone through life; lost capacities, felt fear and then found peace over and over again with each loss it has driven me to find others and listen to their 'stories.' I appreciate the courage of Martin. The hell he must have endured within that 9 year span and the lonliness. Oh! I ached to read him a story or engage with him as he was that boy. But there are plenty of kids for us to bless.

One is sleeping in the room next to mine. He's had a great week and a tough week but he takes it in stride. I admire him, too.

I am grateful to know God was with Martin in his darkest hours, that an imagination can a child or yourself get through a lot, and that we can choose to vanish or forge positive thinking- it all lies within our thoughts. Easier said on some days.

Truly he found freedom. Even when propped up for hours at a time watching Barney, he found freedom from it.

On that note I will end with Kurt's version of the sunflower. Those will grow wild amongst the raspberries as I am retiring from gardening for another season. Rocks and Stars will be my flowers until this body gets off prednisone for good, avoids getting hurt, and steadily heals.

It can happen.

In due time.

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