Saturday, February 21, 2015

Best Made Co. Picks Idaho

(A guy serious about keeping his GFeller Document Case close by so he can safely stow away  his work plans)
I love Best Made Co.

They came through on a Christmas present for J. during the holidays, talked back and forth with me about the products and then when I gave some ideas and hints I was surprised to see in my email a product that seemed just for me!~ 
The Bonded Field Case Set
*whoops! Forgot to show the very thing I was dreaming of that they would make for me and have it be water proof- see the Red journal in there? I heart it. I see me writing in it leaning against a lion in Africa then standing up, zipping it closed and not worrying about the Lion's drool ruining my Journal.
I picture me not ruining it in my daily activities and then, yes, standing up and zipping it all up with a bit of flare. 
That leather doc. case is made in Idaho- a small firm that normally makes products for archaeologists and geologists.  Go Idaho ! We've got some great reasons to put your business here. But professionals aren't the only ones that appreciate good leather.
P.S. Don't you love the smell of leather? Wow. I do. I better smell this company's leather before I put my bloggin' back behind them!
The Gfeller Document Case
(oh, check out those letters ready to be put in the mail box. Gotta love it.)
I will keep you posted. Or ask Nick at Best Made to tell me if it smells good.

Obviously  their journal protector had already been in the works, but it was amazing how I mentioned the  journal protection and the EXACTLY what I needed came into my inbox the next day.

My journal journies to Dr. offices, waiting in Pharmacy lines, is around grandkids, gets shoved into cups and glasses full of water or whatever.....

And it gets packed to cars and dropped in a puddle or snow.

Bonded Zip Pouches
(This is an nice little water repellant zip pouch- I'd need the ditty bag. Oh, wait. One is around here somewhere.....)
After the accident things were scattered in the car. Before my Dad had it taken to Dan's Collision, I had to get some things straightened up.
C.C.G.F. Badge Set
(photo courtesy of Best Made Co.)
Among all the crumbs and dirt/soot on my floor mat was this badge: Fortitude. The one badge I placed in the car to give me strength. I had it placed next to the digital clock so I looked at it often.
Look it up in the dictionary.
I am tired. And I just broke one of my stars so I gotta send it to Kurt. Who is really busy moving into his new house and making stars. I got a box from him today. I received this star:
 (The middle one- it is part of the Kurt Knudsen's etsy shop. And called 'Flora Lima.'
I think I love these stars because the artists love flowers and plants, have lived in places where the colors and people come out in their stars. They lived in New Mexico. You can feel and see that flare. They have traveled and you see the colors of food, the ocean, everything that would transport someone that can't get there......
Thank you, Knudsens. These stars take me there. And Best Made Co.- you make things for the Adventurer. Who knew a patient would need the designs and good products to help them navigate through the process of disease, insurance, and the world we continue to find ways to be a part of and communicate.
I am shaking right now so it's time to stop.

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