Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 5th early in the a.m.

(courtesy of Kurt Knudsen. etsy. Piggy and Dirt.- German Garnet Heart Star. The heart in the middle is from Germany! )

Readers, I am coping right now. Legs up, arm resting on Wardahl the Pillow,

 and my heart- a little down.

(courtesy of Kurt)

All day has been pretty tough. And night. I slept on my left side, propped up with some pillows so I wasn't horizontal. Hence this post so early in the a. m.
Yesterday Padre took me to my appts. * This was written a bit ago. And edited Friday night.

(Kurt includes the Dad's in his stars- this one reads: "My heart belongs to Daddy.")

He was in a rush to get going so when I received a text saying he'd run some errand and that he was going to be home and parked in backwards.....
I thought:
"Uh-oh, I better hurry up if he's parking in backwards...."
(Daddy heart is pretty big and spindly!)

How much time does that save anyway? Well, I asked him later and he said he parked that way so I would have less distance to walk around the car.

Oh. My bad. I thought it was so that we could get out of the drive way faster. I felt guilty for assuming that was the reason when really he was trying to look out for me.

Glad he is still is. I need it.

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