Thursday, February 19, 2015

Piggy & Dirt Stars for Feb. Pictures


OH, my goodness. It has been some time since I have been able to get into my account here. I forgot my password; locked myself out for a good three days, on two different occassions.  And A LOT has happened in the time since I last wrote.

Below I blogged a lot about why I blogged so much about "all of my Piggy and Dirt stars." I am thanking my lucky stars that I am able to get on to my blog and write. No matter what happens I seem to need to write- or want to.

Not being able to may have been a good thing in that I had time to rest a bit. Or try to. Yesterday was full of doctor appts. that Padre helped me get to, talking to several professionals concerning my health, and then trying to rotate the heating pad to various parts of my body.

My neck, spine, and thoracic area are extremely weak right now and there has been little in the form of a position to find that bring comfort. I will have explain why later and let you read this original post from sometime back. - Just glad to be able to get back on here. whew.


Most of you have noticed I posts with a lot of stars made by Kurt and Becky Knudsen. From Piggy &Dirt


One. I put one up in my window. I looked at it a long time.

 I loved it.

, 2. because I liked it I had to give them away so they could bring other the same joy I felt.

Why such a big deal?
I mean, I had seen them over on nienie's blog (; it seemed  her thing. They [the little nies] would have a big, before school dinner where she had everything decorated so cute, each of her children wore crowns; she made delicious vegitarian food; professional photographer, Justin Hackworth, archives it with his camera; and 
each little Nie received stars.

Each child.

And  then they'd have a huge one and on it they put their family theme or moto for the school year.

(Kurt can engrave anything you want on a star. I personally like the mirror engraving as it is easier to see.)


(when I asked J. if he'd like them he asked if he could just have the money go towards skiing. : /  )
If I were healthier we would have the Motto going on in full force, we'd be reading our scriptures daily, and we'd be praying morning and night.

But the truth is, we are merely high fiving one another in passing at points as J. has gotten to where he enjoys being with his pals, 6th grade is tougher due to different teachers for different subjects, and of course puberty.

And let's not forget my health. The looming back drop to everything that happens in our lives.

So back to these stars......

Like I said earlier, I got a couple and they helped me through the holidays.

(This clear one reminded me of the character, Anya, from a book we chose for the holiday, and the scary ice sheaths she had to travel across to reach Santa. Oh, and be led by a Polar Bear at a point. All scary things to face. Which is what we had to face as a family)

I loved how they shined with the help of warm white lights on my tree. Or in the dedicated "Snow" window. Which was lit up a lot like winter wonderland and dedicated toward our goal: To Ski.
Or how the matted ones matched and simply looked cute with my decorations.

When you are sick and homebound or even bed- ridden, light is a BIG deal. And seeing color reflect

 that light brings hope. At least for me.

However, of I got into it [star collecting and blogging] would I be encroaching on her ideas?

Would it be authentic to me? Because I actually had a "thing" for stars before seeing these ones. But more of just a matter of scriptural symbolism, etc.

(The Inception Star)

Finally, I climbed on literally I climbed, Readers. Often I have to laugh about my desire to blog at times and envisioned in my mind that, I could have been in dire straits, and yet had a desire to someohow crawl up to the computer, turn it on, wait for all my stuff to load and then get to my sites or this blog like a person left in the desert without water and them crawling to some far off oasis.

*these are making me thirsty just looking at them. Better hydrate myself. The never ending battle that Crohns sufferers must deal with.

 After seeing the large selection, and wanting one that I STILL have not gotten yet, I bought a couple to go with the seasons; tested the waters as if buying them were akin to trying to getting into cold water really slow. So they came, wrapped up in their unique way and they brought me a lot of joy.

When one is sick or, as I noticed at my Grandmother's house, they [select few older people] LOVE to have sun catchers in the windows. With my gramma, I thought she would go for one of these stars, where the colors and look hearken back to her time period:

(I love these in the window or leaning up against the wall on a shelf. They are adorable.)

To my surprise she actually went for the bright colored ones- like this Papaya Orange Number from the 'South Pacific Palette:

(This tropical mix makes me wish for the days when I was tan, my hair sun bleached and my body was relaxing in the warm waters of Waikiki.)

Before I found out I loved them, I didn't know if this

"sun catcher phase"

 was one you went into once you hit retirment;

bought a 5th wheel and traveled down every Hwy in the U.S.;

collected magnets of states and National Parks you'd visited- Which were then displayed either on your fridge, inside the 5th wheel, or on the outside of your traveling home to show everyone who passed you on the road, where you'd been.

Became a sort of "groupie" that hung around their shop and waited until you could collect them all.

In my case, it wasn't where I'd been around the world, but a way to bring the world to me- because I couldn't get to it.
In the past I have read a lot. As my earlier post show. Not as easy now for a number of reasons.
 I've read enough to feel like I'd been to a place, my imagination ignited, and I can handle the solitary confines of Crohns with a bit more peace.

With Kurt and Becky's stars it is pure: "Wow, I love these. "

They are so pretty to look at when you watch the light hit them at different points.

Recall when I had to hand wash dishes and pretended it was my Yoga exercise/meditation and that I acgtually loved washing dishes? Well, I found out you don't have to be old to walk up to a window and immediatly be cheered by the catchy sun catcher in the window!

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