Friday, December 27, 2013

Tale of Two Cities Part Whatever

Years ago, around Christmas, I started to read a favorite of Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities.
I gave my interpretation of Madame DeFarge. And then wondered why Lucy was written, purposely in my mind, so blandly.
Don't Leave! Sit... Stay.... It will be brief!

Well, the answer was not apparent. My finger couldn't find it. Nor the cogs in my brain align until I finished some things, I guess. Or God did.

This morning a cog clicked into place.

 It is a small answer.

While moving a SnoGlobe of the Nativity. I turned it upside down and twisted it's music box only once. It played slowly....'Hark, The Herald Angels Sing..... tra la la.... and wound down on

Mercy Mild
"Mercy Mild?" I said outloud and to no one present. Why is it MILD?
Like a hot sauce can come in Mild. But it seems I require Mercy Extra Hot.
Then my finger found what it was looking for in the vaults of my brain:
DeFarge  seems to be a show stopper. While Lucy/Christ actually come from out of no where
and quietly grab and hold your attention like the lawyer held the young woman's in the cart ride down the streets toward......
Read the Book!!
Like the Atonement, which all books and thoughts are extracted, evolve over one's soul's life.
Which can be very, very old. And will become even older.
Now how long until the cog goes out and has to fiind an answer?
Better not be an eternity.
Festive and Fun to Come.

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