Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Power Outage-Prepared for the COLD

(the swing outside my grandparents. Taken by my cousin. Can anyone say: Frigid?)
So I told you about how cold it got last week and that it cut off the electricity
everywhere but from the core of the city, Right?

It meant my sister had to build a fire. I was pretty impressed. Except I think they freeze out there all the time and build the fire in addition to the heater, and now it was worse.
Well, Padre sent an email about being prepared and I thought I'd read it while I worked through some of the night.

Not a high "voltage" of enthusiasm on my part pulled from an email I've read.
The writer was, as assumed really excited because when you are prepared and something this big happens and you get to see if it all works.....
Like waiting to turn on all the Christmas lights to see if one is out and it ruins a whole string or all of it like in the "olden days" 
Most informative email I've read.
Like the person was a professor of preparedness and takes you through the whole disasters minute by minute; step by step.
Yes, I was familiar with having food storage. Aware of 3 day preparedness back packs and stuff.
I know how to build a small stove with an Altoids box.
And we have Padre, so I thought I was prepared.

I learned you should not use those plastic pouring spouts from gas cans cause they break off. duh.
But ya gotta go through trial and error.
Answer to that problem: Big funnels.
Okay. Next I learned to fill the bathtubs with water for the pressure when flushing the toilets.

Who knew?
Old Man, Padre did. He even knew that the generator the man spoke about was too small.
But the man pointed out that if we Eastern Idahoans were in a similar situation for three weeks- we'd change our focus of:
"Oh, I'll just run some errands in town till it turns on in 8 hours."
I even chuckled at the fact that they had games for an event like this. But you know, being snowed in with a power outage could bring on some cabin fever.
But we own Monopoly and that would surely last at least a month for just one game.
Even now I feel guilty that during that time I had some of the vents shut because it gets ways to hot in some of the rooms.

Bright festiveness from prior years. I can't believe I made those pom poms for several gifts.
I need minions now if I want to pull this off.

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