Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quality, and Quality of Life

Padre taught me about the quality of things. If we were going to own something, it might not be much, but it was quality. The way it was made, the way he made sure we took care of it. He put an emphasis on quality.
Which you can see in the way he takes care of his things. He really makes sure to clean it, polish it, fix it when broken, keep it in a safe place,.

 He probably did not expect seven children to come along and make it harder for him to keep up his good track record!
Lately the word has been thrown around when we talk about how things used to be made.
Probably because it is Christmas time and we are looking at things and they are, well, in general, chintzy.

And this is something he and most of us bemoan. Quality made items down the drain to chintzy products that we have no other choice but to accept. 
Padre's "Quality Policy" even refers to how he performs his job and expects you to do yours.
He was in the military and I think that has a HUGE reason for his expectations and performance.
And is my disclaimer for when I am sub par.

Like if the something is done correctly I can just say:"But Dad, I wasn't in the military!"
The real reason I have thrown the phrase around lately has been when taking into consideration certain medications and the all encompassing question:

Does it Improve Your Quality of Life?
Jaden heard a snip of conversation as he poured some cereal into a bowl and poured milk over it and upon returning it to the fridge he said: (referring to the book of Roald Dahl's)
" Kinda like Matilda's Dad selling poor "quality" cars at unfair prices?"

 I thought to myself sitting up to the kitchen table.
But instead of a used car salesman, with slicked back hair and glue that he uses to fix fenders, I want that dream team of doctors who can work together to fix me.
So far I have some good ones. It just perplexes me how none of them can come together and work on the project as a whole. I know that each is extremely busy and they have their own speciality for a reason.
But I wish, for the first time and only time, for a middle man that puts it all together like the car salesman my friend's husband is at Hardman Car Co.
No, this is not an ad for his dealership. It is just who he is and who I wish more people, including myself were more like; straight arrow quality.
Back to the subject of "Quality of Life "
my grandmother is in the hospital and her treatment is based on a few factors that all accumulate to her quality of life.

In the same manner, I have had to make decisions in the same manner. Obviously we have some major differences. But I made some twenty years ago with the doctors telling me that it could affect the "quality of my life". 
Could the way my bones feel right now be a result of that choice made so long ago?
And P.S. who is missing my posting of pictures? Sorry. I need to get on that. But I have been unwell.
And that goes to the back burner.
Due to the choice of meds I have spent a good two years in the toxicity of prednisone. And it has done a number on me.
I miss me.

The me before prednisone came in to save the day but changed everything. Made me Grinchish. The prednisone that is causing my fibula and feet to feel like they are going to crack when I stand up. .
And it isn't just due to weight gain. They hurt like this when
 I was a runner. I would have to back off and let stress fractures or those pesty pains, heal.
Which leads me to a good article that I've gotten into about how bone re-generate.  It is really hopeful and our bodies are amazing.
One last rant thought. Cause I am feeling like the Grinch on this one. Because I look like he does.
J. mentioned the word: "Diet".
We haven't worried about weight with him since Running Back days when he was in fear of any calorie taking away his chance at being his best on the field and being that RB.
Now, due to life style, being bed ridden at times. He has taken on some of my bad habits.
No one who makes the 'yo Mama' jokes knows what prednisone even is.
That it can redistribute weight to make you look a lot like the Grinch.
And it can cause Cushings Syndrome.
(feel free to google it)
I know what it takes to endure something hard. No, I do not have a Ragnar sticker on my SUV.
But I have endured a lot and it has led to a lot. And there aren't any stickers or shirts that I can wear proudly for it.

(It feels like Max's job here.)

So I have to stop at evaluate what it is I am doing, taking or whatever and ask myself if it is improving the quality of my life.

I know I myself can work on some things only to a certain extent. And then the rest is God's will.
The way which a body just goes on its course.

I just hope, that I am the kind of person that has the qualities of someone who has tried to improve upon.
That it will eventually not matter to me that I look different and may never look the same again.
That those qualities will fall to the wayside and I will not look for them in others or be distressed that they aren't in me. But that I can be counted on.

And you that you won't find me selling cars like Matilda's Dad with glued on bumpers.


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