Tuesday, December 17, 2013

BBQ Christmas

 Sometimes I think my father and I are the polar opposites that balance out our universe. Or universes.
Remember a few post back when I said: "Look Down!" Because you would see the lights in the window downstairs. Painstakingly I taped them to the marbled glass and as J. played basketball outside (side note: who does that? plays basketball in the winter outside in your drive way? when it is getting dark?)
Anyway, J. said the glow of lights could be seen and it looked super sweet, Super sweet.
Yay, me! Yay my sad attempts this year to put up some semblance of holiday downstairs because I was afraid upstairs would not get put up in time.
Well, Padre made it so you can't see the soft, hazy lights from the cubed windows. How  you are asking? Because he doesn't like his BBQ out in the elements, he put moved it out front.
Under the safety of the roof hanging over the porch and walk way.
Tonight we had an event to attend and I walked outside passed the BBQ-er wondering, who does that? yeh, we can make some meals easier if we want to dare he low temps to have a nice steak But this is just tacky.
Thankfully our front yard is hard to see due to people visiting with their cars parked out front along the street.
The other funny thing he did to offset me was after I'd cleared out a bunch of boxes by wrapping presents for grandkids. The hallway was cleared! No more Amazon boxes in the way, but stowed underneath the tree for the Parents to take to the Grandkids.
Yay me, again!
Then one day I came home and there is this box in the exact place I'd cleared.
Not an Amazon box. But a box of toilet paper. Which can't find a home until after Christmas
because other boxes are where the T.P. ones should go.
So we use night lights to navigate our decked out halls.
The event that took me passed the BBQer was J's
Christmas Choir Concert.
It was amazing how well the kids had performed. The elementary was packed!
J's teacher lead it and I have to give him credit for gathering the kids who wanted to take part and teach them. Wow.
Another wow! I was there! Sitting next to his first grade teacher, I strained to stare at him from the way back. We were right by the camera recording the event. Padre closest to it. I had to give him the heads up not to even whisper. Because we were right there..
Padre was quiet the whole time and clapped at the appropriate times. Mom recorded on her phone and we had a memorable moment. As we walked to our car I noticed the full moon and had to stop and be in the moment.
More in the moment then other times. Holding onto J. we made it over the ice and snow to our car.
That starts and is warm and is..... just right.
Do you ever feel those moments when things are as they should be. You can't change the facts.
Like certain situations but you do your best and somehow life sometimes let's you hit the pause button and reflect.
It feels like a pair of shoes or slippers that fit, just right. Finding the perfect pair of pants.
Or getting the right size to fit what size you are at the moment.
Like pulling a pie out of the oven and the crust was made the same way you had a million times before but this time it comes out of the oven so perfectly. Those are the moments that come back to me.
Today I went to the website that I was glad that taught me how to put my make-up on and went to a link that had some cute jewelry. I clicked on 'what is trending' to see what was trending that wouldn't  be trended here, in Idaho, or maybe just by me.
Some of the pieces looked a lot like the baubles my Aunt had. She was That Aunt. Never married.
Was sickly. A woman who I have tried not to think about a ton because I didn't want to admit I was more and more like her.
Don't you hate that? Realizing you are what you were afraid to be? So I am That Aunt to J's cousins.
However, this led me to look through her tacky baubles by the light of the Christmas tree.
I had to wonder if she was assigned to me after she died knowing what I was going through with my health problems, and so on and so forth.
And trying to help me see what is important. So that more and more of those "Right" moments could happen. Okay. That's my off the hook post for the day.....
I'd started doing a post of my 2013 best picks. And this had to schooch it to the back burner for some reason. So tacky is part of the decorations this year and beyond. Reaching even the plastic and fake necklaces of an aunt who spent her life feeling like the odd one out.
okay, the Sandman has finally struck. I will add pictures later. I know. It sounds easy. Just not for me.

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