Monday, December 2, 2013

A Bean Bag Beneath the Bears

Random girl in the middle of a large bean bag.

Above: Probably the size of the bean bag when it was stuffed inside a box....

Bean Bags expand when you take them out of a box, I learned. I expected this but not to the degree that it had me being crushed!

Say, a box for Christmas, for instance.
Today a BIIIGGGG box came. When I entered the house and saw the box I thought to myself how I would get it down stairs. If it would need to go down stairs.
(Padre made some comment and so I realized, yes, it would need to be taken from in front of the front door. Pronto.

A moving truck employee and his equipment would be needed. Those brothers of
mine would not be available too.

That's when J. Dee Lu Who said:

"Is this the bean bag I want for Christmas??"

That's when I thought the best thing to do, now that the bean was out of the bag, to open it and move the gift down stairs.

J. took to this like a young boy on Christmas morning. Instead of the day after Thanksgiving.
The Padres went into a long discussion about waiting, Christmas, waiting, and a bean bag that started to bean bag that starts to expand like the brat Petunia in Willly Wonka's book.


Madre and J. started to shove quickly, re-evaluate and wonder if they should go out the front door, and through the garage. But the car is there. And Padre doesn't want to move the car.

So back through the kitchen, beads getting bigger than the blueberry girl who was a brat and chewed gum, I think.

Through the Eye of the Needle= which is a small space from the kitchen to the landing and down stairs, they shoved the early opened present. But let's get real, what kid hasn't peeked by Christmas to see what they were getting. And what mom was too slow to get a large gift over to a hiding place?

So the bean was outta the bag; J got his gift early. Sorry Santa Sticklers. And it is now by the tree that is decorated so cutely with grizzly bears, white doily snow flakes and only 2/3s covered in bright, white twinkling lights.

The gingerbread cutout cookie ornaments I painstakingly made years ago, are now dangling on it too.
next to real pine cones- aren't they all real?- too.

This tree had to be the tree that brings us JOY because it is too dang hard to get Christmas up stairs, this year unless there is someone who would Put up some Christmas lights outside. (He did this for the last time five years or so ago.

And there is no way I can out do myself from years before. So we have planted the festive Christmas down here...... Put up the cutest lil bears you'd ever see if they'd ever turn around.
Yup, like all Christmas mysteries, the best ornaments face in, toward the center.

So we don't see the bears holding red wreaths. They are not holding red cardinal birds or readily wrapped gifts. We see Bear Bums with red knitted hats.

Which are cute, too.
And, no his bean bag is not this bag or this brand... it is large. But not this large.
Large enough to cause Padre consternation.

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