Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Savior Sleeps In??

I wish you could see it!
All of the Christmas decorations are out! And I finally felt an ambiance and thrill of the season.
I did stub my toe on a box the other day that had leather belt holding sleigh bells on it and the ringing sent a chill up my spine.

It is Christmas time!

*There is no stick tree this year. However, I have ONE branch that I want spray painted white to go with my little woodland theme in the basement. A single red bulb is hanging from it. Pics. Soon. I think. *
Meaning: the upstairs tree and mom's décor is all out. I tried to encourage J. to be satisfied with the BASEMENT full on Christmas- but no.

My one branch, in the milk bottle full of white lights has this picture hanging behind it.

Drawn by my talented cousin, John Hart.
Alas, he turned to prayer like little Tommy in It's a Wonderful Life, and prayed at dinner that we could be able to set up Christmas.

Little Tommy is the youngest cute nugget up there.

While he said this I was thinking of all the decorations already out, and Amazon boxes, that had contained them, needing to be put away, and, with my eyes closed, it made me wonder why on earth he would send this prayer out.  I prayed that he would put the amazon boxes back up on the shelves so we didn't have a Concussion session or anything. And that his wish would come true.

Like children's prayers, it got answered and Mom's stuff went up.

And mom magically got a second wind after a long day. And she got into her maiden name mood. Meaning she turned into the child like self or maybe it's the grandma-self and she started laughing like she laughs when she is with her siblings. Which is a ringing laugh. That sounds all the same.

Which makes me wonder if I laugh like my siblings. I don't think so... but do we?

Back to her and her laugh. It is so cute. And she can decorate upstairs so cute. And Jaden was right, despite our winter wonderland downstairs, upstairs completes Christmas.

I mean this is what is topping our ginger bread, doily snowflake, standing grizzly bear, and pine coned tree:

Yes, it was on the coat rack last year but this year it looks super cute affixed the top of the winter wonder.
The upstairs tree looks more and more like the Swiss Alps with it's old fashioned, painted  ornaments. A friend passed some time ago and I received some decorations belonging to the individual, mixed with our others from a dear friend, they look like Santa hand painted them and put them in the middle of the Sound of Music!I felt her presence as I watched Christmas come together in awe! Jaden's thrill was tangible.
Why had it not been so magical with just downstairs?? Was it Joel Sanda's houses that were atop the hearth?

(many of my pics show the shake I get in my hands when taking a soft picture that I want glow to come off and I can't hold it long enough.... yet there is something about the fuzzy that sorta grows on me. I hope you don't mind get unfocused filmage. I like it. )

We used less this year and it looks more simplified upstairs. So some went downstairs.
And Jaden put his Joel Sanda Santa and sleigh amongst the creamy elk and bear ornaments guarding the manger scene. That is by the stick and white lights. It goes with the white, diamond dust candle house that is off to the side.

Santa's sleigh rides over the manger scene. Believe me, it looks so cute. A large cylinder of pine cones and a winter Angel with a red knitted snow cap over look the manger scene.

All of this meant more boxes being pulled down and unraveling treasures forgotten about that we own! And cards from past Christmases saved.

Aunt Annette, Your is close by so I see it. I don't know how you find the cutest cards...
So of course the sound of:

is made over and over.
This got a texting of messages back and forth between Padre and I. How it looked, that it did brighten things up and bring cheer. He said something to the effect that he wondered if seeing the joy in the kids on Christmas day was how He felt about us on Christmas morning.
Somehow, Mom, who was adjusting a star on the top to see if it worked better than the angel, jumped into the conversation, misunderstanding what had been said.
MOM:, standing on a small step stool like the Dad in A Christmas Story fixing the star atop the tree, leeeeaaaannin in:

"How did he know that? He always slept in Christmas morning!"
ME: No, Mom. Padre is talking about Christ.

We laugh.
Her:: "Oh, yes. He's awake."

In Padre's defense we did wake up at 3 and 4 am. And pulled them from the three minutes of sleep

they had, and into the living room with all its magic. Good thing Santa left Coca Colas for those weary eyed Padre.



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