Thursday, December 5, 2013

Babe, It is Cold Outside

Idaho is bringing it. Cold, freezing, breath smokin' kinda cold.
It was so cold, the electricity was out from here to the edge of J's school. (Grinch  laugh insert here.)
My sister, out in the twigs called early in the morning to let us know the electricity was out. We turned on the lights to hear how she cowgirlished up and mad a fire for her little buck a roos.
One of which I wonder is on the naughty list this year, but is so cute he gets re-routed to the super cute list.
Actually, two nephews fall into the naughty category and then get re-routed.  
When it's this cold I get feeling bad for kids at bus stops. Memories of those days bring a chill to my spine. It makes me think of moon boots crunching through snow and cars heating up for people waiting inside before making the leap of going to work.
It reminds me of my Dad driving through harsh weather and the perils of him reaching home.
It reminds me of my Grandpa, who would get up reeeeeaaaallly early to drive buses for the Nuclear Reactor Site out on the desert so many years ago.
Once I got up that early on a night of a sleep over and huddled by the heating vent in the kitchen while the smell of coffee permeated the room. I watched the tall shadow  from the outside light of a in an unlit kitchen drink his cup and then head out into the cold.
That's what Idahoan's do- head out into the cold and get jobs done.
Except me.
But my bones are cold. And this disease is one that feels cold and RA makes ya kinda get into a position that a stone statue would make- my thoughts are on my grandpa today.
He had a spring in his step last night after dragging his feet to the sound of days getting older.
 He is finishing off his breakfast (no more coffee these days)and coming over to see me and pick up a card to take to his sweetheart. It's a cute card. And I have to get it to her.
Last night I talked with my grandpa for the first time in a long time. We've seen each other but haven't talked talked. But last night he had a spring in his step. His sweetie is doing well.
She is making good strides, working hard on her physical therapy, and getting hydrated up.\And we talked for a long while. I love you (s) were said and have been said a lot more lately.
Kisses have been handed out more lately.  
 Her insides are healing. Yay! And it could be a week when she comes home! Earlier he had looked like a sad puppy dog. And I was sad for him. I did not want my grandmother to leave just yet.
It could not be so! And he walked around with a very somber look.
It is not often that couples stay together. And when you see it.... well, it melts your heart and reminds you of the good ol days. The days when men went to WWII days, or something. The days when you drank Coca Cola From a glass bottle.
When families stay together, those are good glass bottle days.
This last pic makes me think of Christmas. ooowwaah I hope he comes this year!

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