Saturday, December 22, 2012

To: Me; From: Me= Grinch Gifts

What do you put on the tag when you have a Christmas gift you essentially purchased for yourself?
I don't know if this is a trait passed down from the genetic gene pool, but I've seen Padre, myself, and Jaden each make purchases before Christmas that have negated what Santa could/would have brought on Christmas Eve night, had the person simply been patient enough to wait.
Actually, there are some things that St. Nick actually would have gotten royally wrong and you that would mean standing in the long return lines on the 26th. So, really, you are doing the big guy a favor. Right?
Padre purchased some bath mats for himself and wanted them saved for Christmas morning. Padre actually does all his own Christmas shopping because it would be way to involved for us to compare prices, return and re buy the gift- so it simply uncomplicated his and our Christmas. That is why he usually ends up with coal in his stocking. If Santa Claus knew he appreciates the coal, he'd leave something else- like a real puppy dog.
With the high end bath mats finished being wrapped I took my Sharpie and wrote on the tag:
To: Papa
The "From" part brought me to a halt and made me wonder how to answer who it was From
 Shall I put from you?
I asked mom.
You didn't really pick it out.... hmmm.... and it technically isn't from Santa. "
Putting a gift from yourself  under the tree looks slightly tacky and selfish-- and makes you feel tacky and selfish.  Unless you can find someone to say it is from, you end up truly being selfish.
If  a grandchild were to look under the tree, THEY might get the wrong idea and start doing that same thing.
But it is the honest truth; you got the gift for whatever reason; because you knew that's what you wanted and were saving the giver the hassle of going and getting it OR possibly missing the sale OR there is just ONE left. All valid self gift giving concerns.
The best person to ascribe the blame and pass the buck, I concluded,  is the Grinch.
So there it is:
To: Papa    From: The Grinch.
There are several Grinch gifts under the tree.

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