Sunday, December 30, 2012

Diamond Dust

Did you know that is what the sparkly snow is called when the snow shimmers when it is so cold? Just so you know. That is what is happening outside right now, as I write and as I crunched across the walks to a neighbor's.

The whole Whobilation of the Holidays has wiped me out. Not even a Coca-Cola can perk me up. The he flu has been going around so that could be the reason.

I told a friend, after J. left for his designated divorce half time with his other parent, :"I think kids leave messes so that you'll remember them when they leave."

You'd think one would fist pump when you got some time to yourself as a parent, divorced or not, but there is always a mess to clean up. And sometimes you leave it, cause it's cute.

Such as a hand print on a window. The little poems with their hand print brought home from pre-school or nursery, remind you of the fact they grow and go so fast.

But in real time moment, it's exhausting to walk into a room and see the cute little things they left behind.

Can you imagine them coming home from pre-school with what is really irksome?

"Oh, look it's a blob of toothpaste on paper, like what you leave in the sink! ..awwww."


Yes, you'd think you'd be partying the minute the little soul leaves the premise. In my case, a nap.
The day, your schedule is wide open. Want to watch a sappy movie? Done.
Go to the store by yourself and not have to linger all day in the toy section? Call a friend without having a third party ask what the other person said, who it is, so on and so forth....


But for a minute, the mess they left makes you miss them and maybe if you threw a bunch of airplanes, like dice, onto the floor and walk across them like they do in some of the mini-series where people have to walk across hot coal to achieve mind over matter, will remind you of how great it is that you get a break once in awhile.

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