Monday, December 17, 2012

It Can't Wait

Readers, Padre's latest work assignment can't wait. Like a Christmas gift you open before the 25th, I'm spilling the beans. They are too funny to hold back.  

First of all, Padre had to fly. On a plane. Yup. He had to put ALL of his equipment on the cargo of an airplane and FLY.

Here are some of the first  of the text messages--- they have been censored of foul language for the kiddos.

"... I just got to my room and I am starving. (he left at 8am and it is now almost 11pm) and can't figure out how to get food. I hate this place. Worst traffic I have ever seeen. Reminds me of Saigon.
Can't wait to get out of here. I will call as soon as I can get things going..."


Where Padre is "shootin' trouble" ? And it is worse than his time in Vietnam??????

Any guesses?????
Thanks, Dad, for  doing that for us. The munchkins were all here today and we had Bean with Bacon soup for dinner. Dipped french bread in it. Sorry you had a miserable, all day flight, that they have mandatory valet parking, and we are enjoying the fruits of your labors.
The grandkids were very cute.
The littlest one is the size of a bulldog and will swipe your glasses off if you are not careful.
He's also teething and will tell you all about it.
Ko-gee was very cute as his older brother did a rendition from the 3 Amigos.
He swayed from side to side and then bowed his head at the end and said: OOOOO for the AmigOOOOOs.  part.
Then he spread his arms out wide and bowed his head like they do on the movie.
Cowboy Kade told me he was Ned from the 3 Amigos and when I asked him if I should write To: Ned or To: Kade on his gift he laughed pretty hard.
He also played with one of the figurines from mom's collection. He put the Rider cowboy hat on a little boy that is carrying firewood. It looked so cute. But I warned him it was breakable, to be very careful.
A few minutes later:
Grandson: Amanda, you were right. This guy is breakable.
Me: Oh, dear. Where did it break? His head?
Grandson: No, his poor little feet.
We have to fix him.


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