Sunday, December 2, 2012

Merry little Christmas NOW!

Remember last year's Christmas Decorations?
It was pretty much Who-Ville. Or whoever was in charge (me) put A LOT of Who-ness into it.
Meaning: Too much Effort, folks.
This year I just couldn't get going with decorations starting with Halloween;
It were as if a grinch-ish tumble weed had blown through the house; we were all burned out or
too bummed out to pull out the stuff!
Madre got the Thanksgiving decorations up the week of the holiday. I hope we get them down before the new year because they are still up.  Which feels backward since Wal-Mart and other shopping stores have had Christmas decorations up since Nov. 10th.
Driving through our nieghborhood and seeing cheerfully decorated homes with Christmas lights,  gave me the extra
'oomfa' to put holiday cheer in J's room.

Because what kid doesn't feel neglected if their parents don't put up lights on the house even when they are in HS?(me) And even if I am feeling a bit slump-ish, we need cheer!
So, the other day I walked over to the corner of his room and  plugged in the blue lights on the
 "Skyline Tree"!
Yes, this artificial tree is red necked year round-  I used to try and do a holiday theme decoration on it each month and  eventually peetered out. So it ended up being a place for dust to collect until we renamed it the sports tree after his
 love of hometown High School Basketball was born, blue lights were added and
this simple:" pluggin in" , tree lighting ceremony, officially marks the beginning of
Basketball Season.
Which happens to coincide with the Christmas season.
Or collide.
Yet, there's that oversized it simply is our Skyline Tree, see?
By adding some Christmas decorations-
  the few remaining homemade gingerbread decorations made one year, a nod to prednisone once again,  a handful of misfit decorations, all set to the sounds of 97.3 playing Christmas music and we are Ready!!!!!!!!!
Yup, that simple.
I told one friend that I'd done decorated, she thought I had put all of our decorations up, I believe by her surprised reply.
 This post is to clarify I only plugged in the lights. And to show just how
I am trying to make it this year.
I loved the feeling of taking all the legos, pictures, knick knacks and some dried gum off the top of his dresser and dusting it off. All I left was the antlers- but I added some lights to those
and his Joel Sanda Nutcracker.
However, all the stickers he has stuck randomly on the front of his dresser is just a future project.
And if Padre saw them....
I say it's okay to ding up ONE side of your dresser with stickers. It's a rite of childhood, but the front?? And with potato head stickers from a fast food restarurant?
J and I will have to talk about that one...
The approach I am taking this year is good. And it surprises me that it really doesn't take much to begin to feel the true meaning of Christmas.
Another day of decorating and I was able to get lights dangling from his head board, book shelf and outline the other side of the room.
You couldn't find a Snoopier attempt at decorating but it worked! As we learn about Abraham Lincoln, laugh at the book: Mr. Klutz is Nutz
or listen to Hank the Cow Dog CDs when we're too tired to expend energy, the lights give a soft glow and create some memories.
Even now, I'm finding that I love blogging in bed with my own set of lights twisted around the head board.
Christmas lights just make the nights on prednisone not so lonely!
Man, it's been a long night- forgive if the post is homely.

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