Sunday, December 23, 2012

Have you Flossed?

We are now in the final stretch. Pouting is at an all time high and it is Just a few short- or long- days until the BIG day.
Is anyone else feeling the tinsel tension? Or seeing it in your kid?
After watching J. flop around and moan on the couch yesterday, and complain that he was in physical pain waiting for the big day, despite going to Ijump- you'd have thought he'd had his tonsils out.
The horrible fact his best friend has the flu during Christmas vacation and he is on pins and needles still about whether he's been a good kid this year, was too much  even to  enjoy a Christmas movie.
So by the time night fell....

he was beyond ready for bed. But he ended up staying up, having a late snack and put off his night time routine. Don't you hate that feeling? You want to crawl into your bed, barely can pull your clothes off and slither under the sheets but you still have things to do? 
No sweaty, greasy hair getting into festive plaid sheets I just put on his bed for the Christmas season!
He HAD to do the routine. No ifs of buts. 
After his shower, I  unmercifully called from my bed:
 "Have you flossed?"
He dragged his body back into the bathroom, flossed and then brushed. More moans emanated from the bathroom as he scrubbed his teeth.  
Oh, come on! How hard is it?? I thought to myself as I lay in bed.

 Then he came into my room and reminded me about the canker in his little mouth, showed me and I felt immediate remorse. The toothpaste is on the harsh side, even for me.
 "Have YOU flossed?" he asked leaning against my bed, sincerely concerned about my oral health.
I had not! I was already in bed and almost asleep were it not for the final mothering duties, I'd be in my long winter's nap.
 He brought me some floss so I could get the job done, too. A gesture that truly was appreciated. It helped me get take care of my teeth last night. I'm always pushing  him why it is important to keep his teetch flossed, how it can affect your health, plus who wants to get drilled at the Dentist? Not fun. Painful.

He was really sweet to bring me the good floss. The slippery, extra thin kind. Not the thick, heavily waxed, bargain buy kind. After a day of driving me crazy, he totally redeemed himself. And helped me and him get that much closer to being on Santa's good side! He even read to me from our arsenal of Christmas books.

I hope the jolly fellow stuffs his sock with some sensitive mouth toothpaste. Cankers are the worst.

Hope you enjoy the random pics....

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