Thursday, December 6, 2012

J. Guest Blogs on Christmas Pageant

Well, I'm not supposed to be on here. "They" say you should NOT do anything but rest with a concussion. I agree. Because when you do.... oh boy. 

"They" are so smart. Cause it hurts to read. It hurts to listen. It hurts to think.  The one thing I am thinking, is it should be me wearing J.'s Gaurdian helmet cover and Skyline helmet to avoid unnecessary durress.  Boy, all that money to pay for the Guardian to protect his head, and I'm the one who really could have used it and had it come in handy the other day.
I will post more confessions from the concussed later.(Con-cussed, I found, doesn't mean you and another person are getting a good chewing out from someone who uses profane expletives.

The invitation for J. to blog isn't just because I ice skated down some stairs. It was becuase
he was sharing his night with me and I finally concluded he's the writer in the family.
 He does "Rock". (see sticker on headboard) Another sticker, this one pulled from the old jr. high helmets and put on his wood head board. Stickers and furniture Do NOT  please Padre. So essentially he's getting away with murder. And is lucky to be second gen in this household.

Back to his description abilities- they were so hilarious I shoved my computer on his lap later that night...

"This is J. speaking. tonight I went to the Cristmas pageant.

It was a situation where your just like oh great very funny. I know at my age you can get really embaressed. Santa came and I didn't sit on his lap because he yells in your ear really loud and smacks your back like he's giving you a heck of a hug. He left in a really beat up small Pontiac. He was small too he had an Elf taller than him totaly rong. Me and my friend Dagen watched him leave, we were really surprised that he drove  that kind of a car , we where thinking he drove a Lambergini.
( I had to explain to him that St. Nick has to really be careful- covert missions are carried out when he's impersonated, otherwise everyone would want his auto0graph or ask for more toys.)
Dagen didn't blink for over a minute. The bumper was hanging down and both rear view mirrors ripped off. I almost felt bad for the little guy, almost lol. I don't understand why he doesn't drive a labergini, but I do kind of get it. Dagen was pretty amazed to. After that we sang Away in a manger and I was a shepherd. A shepherd who had a dish towel for the turbon."
This is where he got burnt out and wanted to go play with friends and I was tempted to edit his work.
But since I don't even do mine, I'm getting a headache, and it's just cute how it's written, I'm not touching his words.
Like his buddy, however, I was in disbelief about the Pontiac cause Santa lives next door and he definitley doesn't drive a Pontiac.
So Santa is really pulling out all the stops this year.

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