Monday, December 24, 2012

From: Anonymous


When you receive an anonymous present, it is like you are sharing a secret, except it is with someone who remains a mystery.

Christmas time always brings unexpected kindnesses- this year was no exception. Some are too sacred to even tell about because that would ruin the secret in a way.

However, today I must tell about

The Cheese ball.

I have never thought to give this as a gift. Now, I will.

Last night I made a list with Madre about what to buy for food. I said I would make "The" cheeseball- a delicious, time consuming, feat. We headed out today for WAl-Mart. Not smart. It was noon and in full swing. I thought for sure I would get nailed by busy shoppers with carts full of food, or the stockers rolling boxes to and from the aisles.

Since my shopping was done, I didn't feel distressed until I got to the check out phase. Standing in a long line- with all that time to yourself  desperation sinks in. Literally the life was getting sucked out of me and I had to grip the cart for support to keep my knees from wanting to buckle or my body from wanting to sit on the floor and lean up against the candy and National Enquirer.

All the food items on the conveyor belt, in the carts in front of me, and the items in my own cart seemed to be symbols of all the problems facing me. The check out gal was methodically going through them and I wondered how long she would have to endure the lines. Looking behind me,  our line had grown to the jewelery counter. I noticed the checker didn't raise her head to see how long the line was and thought that was probably smart; just keep your mind on what was in front of her at the time.

However, I was having a hard time of it and thinking about how I was going to get through the wait, get home and make the Taste of Home, award winning cheeseball.
It would involve having  to make bacon, chopping it and other ingredients up, and warming it in the oven. It is then placed in a hollowed out sourdough soup bowl.

I prayed right there in my head.

(The seashells are the festive Hawaiian flare given Padre was there.) 

'Father, it's Christmas. Please help me get through this moment of standing in line, like normal people do. Help me make the food I said I would make. I can't do this. It's Christmas.....'

-As if He didn't know...... My phone buzzed. Tiredly I pulled it  from my purse expecting mom on the line asking me which aisle was on.  We'd split up to knock out the shopping and it was a miracle we finished at the same time. Instead of her number coming up on the screen, it was J's friend.

Great. He was home calling friends to play or something. I pushed send.

Me: Hello.?

Her: Amanda! This is: 'friend's mom'

Me: Hey!

Her: I just dropped off  a cheeseball  at your house.


I wanted to make sure Jaden isn't allergic to the stuff we brought over- other than peanuts he isn't allergic to other nuts.

Me: Jaw Dropping.,"You have no idea how thankful I am to hear that. I couldn't face making a cheeseball today and that was my contribution to the family festivities today."

We said our holiday greetings, hung up and it was tempting not to turn around and tell the people behind me of the miracle, that verged on divine intervention, that had just taken place.

Everyone in the fam showed up throughout the day and the cheeseball was a hit. It was JUST what I needed.

The miracle.

That is the fastest, most specific answer to a prayer I've ever had. I don't think it'll happen like that again so I am recording it!

So simple. Yet, not. Those things are hard to make when you are stressed. She did this for me- at the request of her little one who loved her cheeseballs and wanted our family to have one.

He was one of my little league angels at one point and knowing he felt this and had a hand in being an answer to a prayer... well, I was starting to tear up. 

Look for more stories shortly.... Too tired to convey the rest tonight. I just know God heard me and gave me that cheeseball. 

Too tired to edit, etc. I hope the best tonight for you, Readers. Thanks for all you do. And to all the anonymous secret keepers of mine.... well, you already know. It gave me hope.

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