Thursday, December 27, 2012

Aloha, from Padre: Island Greetings

Well, Reader, Padre did NOT say: Melekalikmaka, although he WAS in Hawaii!!!!! He did say: "Aloha" when he called once. But can you believe
He had to board a plane! ??

(These little planes are what J. worked on for his Christmas gifts for his buddies. We still have to deliver some. They can be played with AND stuck on the tree as an ornament. Talk about cute. He made one that was a glider for a special friend and it was adorable.)

His tools had to go INTO the belly of the animal and a smaller version of his mug all flew across the Pacific ocean for "A Case of Trouble".

Yup. Startling isn't it???? You should have seen the days leading up to his departure. Everything was so tightly packed he could have been hired by....some company that requires technical efficiency.

Padre found a Verizon near him due to something breaking off  his phone while he was off the mainland; a major tragedy. But a Festivous Miracle that there was a Verizon located-- So he really was at home with Verizon and Wal-Mart close by him during his painful stay.
  When we'd talk, him on his head set and GPS lady in the back ground, it was  VERY similar to our talks here- him errand running to the same places, even though he was  in Hawaii. 

His best comments:

Padre: "Everyone here wears shower shoes!   (flip flops and sandals)."

Me: Well you should fit in then... at least at shower time! Are they wearing Wrangler Jeans with theirs?

Padre: No. Shorts and skirts.

Me: Too bad you didn't pack any. Or do you have any shorts?

Padre: "Oh! And EVERYONE backs into their parking places!" he said this as excited as a child seeing the loot left by Santy Claus Christmas morning.

Me: You do that too! It's parking  after your own heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Padre: I really like it! (The parking idea.)

As I said before Christmas, I had a BIG surprise for you Readers. It was a big surprise for his family-

Padre had the 'misfortune' to go by himself to Hawaii and do a "Case of Trouble".

 Which means he worked like a dog and didn't have time for himself to sight see, or find a meal close by at a decent hour and  without traffic bumper to bumper.  He was in NO mood to get anywhere but back to his hotel. But when the trouble is over, its late at night, it's not as if going to the beach or visiting land marks is really an option.

 --When he has Cases of Trouble on his job it makes it difficult to sight see anyway. Which is pretty much daily. Round the clock" trouble shooting" under high stressed, do or die situations; eliminate the location's beauties, and make any location mute and irrelevant.

Which is sad.

I pulled out my scrapbook and told him all the local beaches to hit that were NO where near what Waikiki was and that he could simply go eat lunch there. He didn't care. It was muggy. On and off rainy and he was on the job.

HOWEVER, the first day he couldn't get his clearance. He was FORCED to RELAX, folks. That's when he found Wal-Mart and he his fears were calmed.

(This guy relaxing at Papa's while Papa slaves away. There is a saying I saw once that said:
"Relax like I'm not here." This picture sums that up.)

He did not pack to relax. I don't think he knows how, actually. So, he visited the USS Missouri- A slew of pictures have come through via text message since he didn't even pack a cam.

First one: Padre, with blue skies behind him, frowning in front of his hotel. (It was raining when he got there and his initial room was/ is 11 floors away from an ice machine. See my posts on his mug fixation. Oh, and he took a SMALLER one on the airplane.

Others- A hallway on the ship where the Japanese signed paper work to stop fighting.

One of a woman by a dent in the ship where  Kamikaze plane hit and the pilot slid across the deck.

Jaden stayed up until way late to find out if Padre brought him back anything from the Oahu. He was very disappointed to find he had not.

"Folks, I wasn't in a place I could get any of those things." Padre said distress like.

(Awesome Daises my friend brought by that look like bright lights shining in my room.)

What about your hotel? Did you bring us back any soap or a shower cap. I ribbed him.

"They only had ear plugs. " he said as he started to unload his luggage.

Ear plugs? Now I wondered if he was pulling our ears and had some gifts hidden somewhere waiting to spring them on us Christmas morning.

"Yes, it is so noisy that they issue ear plugs for some reason."

huh. Even that surprised me seeing how it was a Courtyard Marriott on the beach.....

"Did you bring me back some Hawaiian ear plugs?" a sleepy grandchild asked from Papa's new recliner.

"Well, I just used the one pair and tossed them before leaving."

J. fell asleep, I had to rouse him and have him walk down to bed without getting his teeth brushed.

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