Monday, December 17, 2012

The Creature Is Stirring..Manda at Midnight

Jaden has been painting some houses to help alleviate the anxiety of December and not knowing if you will get what you want.....

The sleep was so deep and felt to have lasted ALL night, I heard Padre up in his office and assumed he was turning Glenn Beck on and then heading back to bed.

A look at the clock and it showed midnight. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Padre hadn't even Showered yet.
My body crashed back onto the bed and pillow and I felt the feeling of want  set in.

My feet wanting potassium, the muscles in them seemingly in a perpetual state of being pulled into a ballerina's pointed toes. Prednisone side effect. -- Note to self. Eat more bananas.

Carefully I put them on the floor and waited for the blood to equilibriate in my body before standing- so as to avoid a fall. I felt my way to the hall way, then to the bathroom. Holy swollen, batman.
I am surprised at my refelction in the mirror just in the time I went to bed.

Jaden has been watching The Santa Clause and the way Tim Allen starts putting on weight is pretty prednisone typical. I keep seeing the scale climb even as he stand on it.

Secretly I wish there was some way to drain this stuff off. After the shock wears off I start to feel hungry. So I go upstairs and peek in on Padre. He's doing stuff. Cleaninig computers of viruses, organizing his equipment so he can do some trouble shooting starting tomorrow somewhere. (I can't wait to blog about it. If I can get him to take some pics of him in the bowels of the place he's going- it may be my best post yet. Heck, I feel like Glenn Beck getting you all excited about some future project in the works but I can't tell you right now. Or you have to wait to watch it on my show later in the day.)

So Padre and I exchange words and I feel hungry. But my stomache is very deceptive in its choice. Not only do I look pregnant, but I feel pregnant with my food cravings.

One day went like this:

Stomache: mac and cheese sounds soooo good right now.

Me: You hate mac n cheese. You never eat mac n cheese.

Stomache: But I want it.

Me: Ok.

half way through stirring the noodles Stomache starts to get nauseauted.

Stomache: I hate to tell you this... but maybe I don't really want mac n cheese.

Me: Great. I have already started it! What am I gonna do, make it and put it in the fridge as a leftover??? That's is really gross. Leftover mac n

Stomache: Stop!!!! You are makiing me ill! Oh, no.... why are you putting that much butter in.

Me: It calls for it on the directions.   (stir, stir)

Stomache: Now I am really sick. Stop. Just throw it away. I can't stand to look at it.

Me: Well,, way to waste! No. You are gonna finish fixing this and put it in the fridge and clean the pot.

Stomache: Okay! (gag. bile production starting)

I can't remember how that story ends, but I know tonight I opted for some Ritz crackers and Ginger Snaps to curb the nauseau. Oh, and a banana popsicle. My mouth is so dry.
I tried sitting by the tree and thinking happy Christams thoughts.

Read some sad news. Decided I'm done reading sad news. Changed my sheets. Wondered about how my friends are doing and that I may as well live in a diff. time zone because when I can talk, they are snoozing. While my body looks and waits for when I can take the prednisone and the withdrawel or want of whatever it creates in my body, stops.

But it's only 3. And I usually don't take it til 6. Three hours. If it didn't hurt to cross stitch, I would do that. I used to do that for years. I've noticed new bruises on my body that are mystery bruises but they hurt. Are they left over from when I fell?

There are new bruises below my knees. I walked a little the other day and any time I exercise, I get bruises there and on my shins. I don't know why that is. But I have to build my stamina, and muscle back up because the pred. is pulling muscle tone from my calves and displacing fat cells on my trunk. And it is making falling down more of an issue.

My ankles are culprits in this as well. All those years of rolling them in sports and now it seems they are playing part in this prednisone game of tug of war over some vital nutrients or something. Prednisone is winning. But I have started doing my sprained ankle alphabet exercises to strengthen them.

The good news is that my blood is in a little vile and on its way to Seattle, WA. Where there is a lab that will look at my blood and see if I have been exposed to a certain virus. If no, then I can start a new drug for my disease! So I am trying not to get too hopeful, but excited that maybe by Christmas that drug will be in my veins and stopping this disease progression. And I will be that much closer to lower mgs of prednisone.

I never knew my life would revolve around such a small thing: milligrams. But their effect, in drug form, on the body.. whew.

Jaden is excited about his gifts. I wrapped them in assorted boxes and camoflouged them so he won't know what they are. He said he is excited to open the one that I have wrapped in hay.

It's got a raffia bow tying it shut so he can't open and peek. He is a snoop this year for sure.

Felt is still a medium of choice while on prednisone. This year, instead of the cute, trendy balls of string I made, it is Felt Scottie Dogs with varying material for the scarves around their cute little necks. 

(Spurs make it hard to kneel down- good thing his knees bend both ways and he can sit in that position that makes adults crings. -- legs out and behind him. he also walks charachteristically cowboy-ishly pigeon toed and this is no small feat with spurs....)

I am debating doing Little Mice in red bathrobes but am afraid I will be certifiable if I make a bunch, regardless if it was Mary Engelbreit's idea.

Jaden is enjoying the gift project for the year. A simple little something that he gets to use his coping saw and paints on. however, he made the first one and stopped helping and just played with it.

Did I mention that Padre saved my computer? Awhile back all my troubles were mounting and this laptop crashed. Two days of Padre trouble shooting my case of trouble, and I was back in business.
Man, he's good at fixin' stuff.

Ugh... this screen is now making me dizzy.

over and out.

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