Friday, April 27, 2012

Plant Progress

Well it looks like I was wrong.

Padre actually DID have projects outlined for the vacation.

He just is able to camo the fact until I ask him to do something for me!

He has one more magnet board to do.
If he wasn't so dang good with wood work, we wouldn't ask!!

So I guess he won't be able to snap some professional photos of cats for my

So I thought I'd show you progress of the transplanted lovlies that came from the funeral basket back in February.

I am comletely fanatical about them.

I  moved them from the kitchen to the living room through the winding down winter months.

So they could get every drop of sunshine that came to Idaho.

Today it is snowing.

This is as much sun that this poor plant can hope for today.

I thought the snow was actually the wind blowing the blossoms.

I went out and checked.




I went upstairs to tackle dishes and realized, that now it is blossoms mixed with snow, because it is blowing.

Thanks, wind.

On a side note, I went to grab a yellow sticky note off Padre's desk and decided to glance at his


It was just a glance, but what stuck out was "Jerky" and "Alka-Seltzer"

With stars next to them.

Reminders of what to grab on his next Sam's visit.

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