Monday, April 23, 2012

Cake and other forms of Torture

I did it again.

I pulled off a birthday cake for J.'s bday.

It took two weeks.

Honest. I have to pre make frostings. Made the cake a couple days ago and put it in the freezer. I had to Solicit help from Madre on Sunday to stir some marshmellows and krispies into one long rectangle to go under the baseball diamond cake.

Too bad second base fell on a Tectonic plate falt line.

Oh ,and did I mention I put fondant on top of the big Rice Krispy Treat? It was an easy fondant recipe. But let me tell you.... after it was made I was ready. So ready that I called everyone to come over in a couple hours and get the party on! I couldn't endure one more day of preparation!

(Random party attendees. The one on the right is a favorite and we are loving the hot weather and what it does to his hair.)

 J. had wanted some bleachers and ball players, hence the extended white fondant area. He also wanted an audience that we could make out of the fondant.

Which sounded fun but when I told him they'd all be white cause I was outta energy and not about to make all sorts of colors for the people- even he opted just to get the party started.

Presents probably had something to do with it.

The bad news is....  fierce Tongan drumming.....

Padre has the whole week off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is bad news because he loves his work. It is painful for him to NOT be working. Forced time off is not relaxing to him.

And, as a result, will be a tricky week for the rest of us.

His morning began by setting the water and seeing The Tobaggan Family sporadically placed around the yard.

(Some of the Tobbagans in their home in the window well where I placed them after picking them up from sporadic places in the yard.)

We only use the family of sleds in the yard in the summer. They are unfit for sledding, after this season and for some reason, the grandkids LOVE them in the off season. They pretend they are ships. Put a kid in it and pull them around the yard in it. Not so slowly - I might add. Or on the tramp. And I won't tell you what they do with them on there.

They -The Tobbagan Fam of Five, (the fifth is too small to have cleared the window well)

sit over precious grass that needs sun,

water (Padre has an elaborate and thorough method of watering that is almost a full time job) and mowing!

As Padre was buttoning his Hawaiin shirt with the bamboo looking buttons and asking me to move the sleds so he could set the water, I looked down at his shoes then Back up to the shirt. It wasn't his regular snap button, plaid shirt he gets from Cal's in the same style and wears on a daily basis. Well, daily "work" basis.

"Wait, this isn't the week you are off is it?" I asked horrified.

He gave an evil chuckle as he finished the last button of his "casual wear" attire.

So we had our first vacation dance; a series of disgruntlment, that will likely continue into the week unless I, or Madre, or he can find a project for him to take his mind off things. Like wanting to go back to work.

(He has finished the mag boards. So that's out. I wonder if I could get him to build a small shed in the back yard for the lawn mower and rototiller? So I can get my bike down! But there is only a millimeter of space available between the car and all the... stuff.

So there she hangs.

His project for me was to go blog. I thought that was a good idea and skiddadled outta the kitchen, down the stairs and posting about our travails.

Shortly he intercommed me over the phone in the bathroom and apoligized for our dance.  So all is good and he'll probably invite me to run errands with him. Thankfully, I have an appt.

Still- For those lucky enough to be in school, or  have tee times to avoid any sort of run- ins with Padre about miscelaneous annoyments of 3 generations living under one roof, or a project he'd like help with; will miss out on the fun that can be had with a week's worth of Padre.

I can't wait for all the post material he'll give me.

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