Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fool's Aftermath

PLay a Prank; expect a PayBack, Reader!

Late April Fool's night I thought it would be 'clever' to get up before Padre, make some bacon and then put it in the oven to keep warm, clean up any sign of it being cooked, and let the bacony smell saturate the house.

Then have the fake food at his designated, no touchy, Padre's Cap'n Chair. After all this I would head back to bed.

It was a Sunday, so I anticipated being able to sleep a bit later before having to do this prank. J. was now home and at about 5-ish he crawled into my bed, awakening me with ice cold feet on my legs and yapping like he was ready to get up and at 'em.

He'd only come from UT. ! It wasn't like he'd left the main land for Hawai'i and experienced jet lag. Yet, here he was, ready to go surfing whilst it was still "night" as far as I was concerned.

So I got up, did my thing and got ready for the day a bit, started my prank and he fell dead asleep. And THEN Padre got up before I could finish hiding the fact I was up and about. J. mozied upstairs and was excited for breakfast!

AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I was roped into making pancakes, too. Cause it was conference Sunday and ya gotta have pancakes with bacon and eggs. Sigh.

Another prank, I pulled on myself was to buy stamps, put them in a pocket and ignoring the warning from the children's book Cordorouy, I didn't check my pockets and sent some stamps through the wash. How does the Postal Service feel about using stone washed stamps? Do they still count?

At breakfast, Padre announced that it was on April 1st that he landed in Vietnam.  I think he tells us this every year. But it always does have a sobering effect on all present- not signifying anything other than it being the date in which he landed in Asia and was blown away by the stench, sticky heat and hard work. The date, maybe, reminding himself that he actually signed up for it!

So, readers, I got mine Sunday. Thanks, guys, for doing the dishes. I couldn't have faced them.

 Hope youm REader,  didn't suffer too much from any pranks playful, well meaning pranks played upon you on Sunday!

And finally here is the prank the weather played on all us East Idahoans that night:

SNOW. Sideways. Because my computer is now pranky with me.

Come again!

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