Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Padre's Purchasing Protocal

Padre is very thorough in his purchases. He mulls over the purchase after much in depth research over said purchase. Even if it is a gift, or maybe a prize won for so many years working for the telephone company, like the BBQ above.

The problem with the BBQ is that he isn't sure he wants to "keep" it or pick another gift from his Company.

I initially thought the BBQ was a wedding gift and that it would soon be disposesd of from its spot in the living room.

It wasn't until my neigbor asked why we were keeping a BBQ in the living room that I stopped and wondered the same thing: "What is this huge BBQ doing in the house?

Come to find out it wasn't the wedding gift- although he gave one just like it as a gift- but that it was his and he was amidst a decision making moment with the grill.

Padre likes to grill. In fact, we have a couple different ones out back, that are covered to protect them from the elements, however, the cats tend to pee on the covers. How he knows this I don't know. And how the cats know that he can't stand that they would do this can only be addressed in my CAT post that is still in the works. (it is rather a deep subject)

This BBQ- is the stand by. We have one that is for grilling with brickets, I guess. And the other, well I don't know the difference or advantage, unless it is to get more burgers done or variety to a BBQ that he puts on. Which btw are really good.

But this NEW one is supposedly one that can easily collapse, be loaded into your car, and go on campouts.
Well, picnic outs. It is travel size and would be handier than the army green cooking stove we've used for so many years out in the woods.

This new grill has roved from the living room, to the sewing room, to the hallway, and now is in the kitchen. I had to take a picture of it simply because I have been dancing around this outdoor grill for several weeks now. There is even another purcahse beneath it, that Padre is still debating on- the foot bath.

The water apparently doesn't stay hot with these foot baths and that, to Padre, and most people seems to be the point. Maybe that is why they made jacuzzis.

I don't know. But stay tuned. I am about to break a Padre Protocal when I move my magnet board from the hallway into my bedroom and hang it myself. (Padre shudders when a nail is driven into his walls. And I can see why he'd want someone to be careful; he paints the walls like a pro and likes a zen look- nothing on the walls. Not even a color remotely different than egg shell white.

I guess so he can see the dirt properly.

So I will show you folks how to use a stud finder, to lessen the blow to your walls, and how to properly hang a magnet/chalkboard in your parents basement without their express permission! It should be fun!

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