Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Then and Now Garden

Remember this dreamy photo of my garden?
It about brought tears to my eyes because this is where it stands today:

ugh. Work to be done and I don't know if I have it in me. And certainly the tires that are required, because of the harsh winds we've had the last few springs/summers, is really a downer. But Padre insists on practical over pretty.

The last two days have been very nice here in Idaho. So don't let this yucky, dreary overcastness get ya thinkin of feeling bad for us having to live here. I think we have one, or two, more nice days and then it's supposed to look like this again.

But J. had a water fight outside yesterday and even donned his swimming trunks for the 80 degree weather!!!!

So let's all hope that the sun and Padre's relentless watering bring about some lush green and pretty like the above pic. Guess it's a good reminder of transitioning... it takes time. Can be ugly at times. But eventually.......

Maybe I could get Padre to at least till it today and I can snap some pics of the brown, ready to be prettied up, earth.

But he's always so busy - even on his day off.

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