Thursday, April 19, 2012

One of Those Days

Matching socks weren't readily available and I didn't care. Thanks to watching Rocky Balboa last night with J. I had it in me to go to Wal-Mart!

Even after a year of doing electives, segments, mtgs, flag ceremonies and are now at a mad dash to finish up the last drops of electives before J. becomes a Bear. (They only call the next level BEAR because that's what the parent feels like when they are in transition. Like a surprise wake up call to a still needing to hybernate Bear. )

I walked out to my car and for the umpteenth time walked to the driver side. Which has a broken handle which means I have to climb into it from the side slide door. (the passenger door has never opened with a key from the begining) So I have to climb into it like I am climbing into the cock pit of  a B-24 Liberator from WW II.

                                         (notice where "Entrance to Flight Deck is Located)

Usually I can mask this embarrasing moment or at least not have to crawl inside no matter how I feel, when J. is with me and I can let him in and then he lets me in. It's an awesome reminder of humility.

So back to the Wal-Mart scenes.  Wow. Who wants to walk to the back then to the front then to the back and then find ingredients to the recipe for Key Lime Cake? FYI: Aisle 9 next to the Lemon Juice there is the KEY LIME juice.

Thank you neighbor.

I should have called on my cell instead of leaving Wal-Mart dejected and instead of the Rocky theme playing out in my head.

I was now hearing the intense orchestra soundtrack for the ending of The Titanic movie.

Okay-- some sites you need to visit: and

You will love Pioneer woman's photography ability and want to buy her cook book.

The last site will make you wonder how in the world people come up with so many ideas just using streamers or paper and glue. I just like to look at the stuff because it would be impossible to for me to try and make unless I was on prednisone.

Just sayin'

And please visit This woman, whose body was 80% burned, just had an adorable baby. Oh. my. gosh. I was just amazed. Apparently she is undergoing surgery to move the excess skin and graft it into the burned parts of her body. Her husband, who I am in love with-- in a nice way-- is taking care of "Lottie"- yes, they named her Charlotte and that is her nickname.

Gosh, we ended up with awful ones. But these kids are so adorable. As they should be because they are the stars of the blogosphere and they and their mom deserve every bit of joy and color to their world.

Here is the color we Idahoans are blessed with......   besides my neon socks.

Oh, and reading through old journals I found that J. dubbed the 20th as Boy's Day. So mark your calendars. Cause a 4 year old invented this day to compensate for Mother's, Earth Day, Father's Day; etc. !!!!!

I plan on having the boy mow the lawn to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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