Monday, April 9, 2012

Can't Contain It!

  (A kid who can't contain his excitement that his front pocket can hold his revolver .)

I can't hold in the happiness and excitement! (Just like this sweetie above) It is TRACK season! And I don't have to compete! whew!

But I get to help this guy prepare....

Yeh, he's a little chocolate bunny that gets to prepare for the Hershey Track Meet. I'm referring to J. But the Easter Bunny is right on TRACK with what we are doing this spring! Thanks, Bun.

Poor J. has to suffer through the fact that his mother is turning into Coach Guilford-the Drill 'em til you Kill 'em coach from her HS sporting days.

Guilford's drills- like "dog over bush", high knees, training the core, and other warm up exercises are words I heard at least a gazillion times through my tenure in HS sports. His catch phrases for speed and agility still re-play in my brain when I see a long stretch of a football field, circled by a seemingly harlmless, soft piece of material called a Track.

The weight lifting/fb/track coach seered these things into my brain so deeply, that one morning, while at college, I was doing sleep sit-ups. (this is not a joke) When I came to and realized what I was doing I moaned, possibly cursed Coach Guilford, and went back to sleep.

Yup. "Freak of Fitness" nature took awhile to wear down.  But then I had J. and guess what! It resurrected! (Easter, Spring. Prednisone. They all can contribute to fitness freakness to come back from the dead!!!!)
Yes, this little one had ME outside pitching the ball to him for over two hours when he was barely 2 1/2.  Those were long hours, readers. And I'm not kidding. NO catcher, only the wooden fence in the back yard for a stopper. Then to wait while he threw it back, get back into his batting stance and then to try and get the ball in the strike range for a kid that size when you are 5'7.

It's payback time, little one.

 Caution- only do this over the top regimen if they have an initial over the top desire. BUT, if they start to get whiny- know their limits and back off. 

But don't let them weasle outta learnin' some hard things in life! Like deep leg lunges across the yard for instance.  Cause then, when they encounter their first job interview, rejection by the opposite sex, a bad economy, or any other awful, horrible event in life- they can pull back from the file of awful atrocities and say:

"Well, at least it wasn't as bad as when my mom would make me contort myself into a pretzel to warm up."

Can you guess whose basket this is?

Padre's Pork Rinds. He was just as happy as K. Dub up there.

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