Saturday, April 28, 2012


This snowy weather has me thinking of summertime activities-so I had to look back in my files and I ran across these pics. There was a lesson I learned that day.

You can have all the bells and whistles but when it comes down to it- skills are what count.

This photo, the boat, these friends and our [mine and J's] times developing talents or making due with what we've got- make me think of that: Skills.

We went boating some time ago with these friends and I recall a  nice wake boarding boat come to our dock. The young kids aboard were  talking with us a bit and  questioning what we thought the weather would do. (A black cloud was coming in from the east.)They also wanted to watch the boys do "tricks"- all behind a pretty simple boat.

I couldn't help but feel proud that the two boys with us could take off from the dock on one ski, simultaneously, and do

 some other tricks, then come back to the dock in tandem.

Sychronizing the sinking of their skis at the same time as they sidled up to the dock.

It was impressive.

I need to remember that skills are what counts.

When I want those killer heels, or that summer dress in my colors.

When I think that a particular "thing" will make me feel the confidence I want to remember that can only truly come from having the

Watching the masters do some pretty wicked stunts behind the boat. A boat that reminds me of Alan Jackson's song:

When Daddy Let Me Drive.

Although I didn't try anything, watching  J. get up was enough for me.

Along with laying on the dock.

Don't get me wrong- sometimes it is that pair of running shoes that does the mental trick.

The sun glasses that make you feel fine during a summer evening with the window down driving
down the middle of main in the city

(A non -Idaho city)

Just the right jeans that compliment your body and make  you feel confident

when you are out

alone doing your shopping:

Those thing can make me feel hot.

Being able to figure out a problem or resolve something difficult gives me


(me- far left debating if I should let them pull me. I decided I am too old.)

When I can learn from Padre, a neighbor, a friend,  or whoever about how to do something new helps me feel I am


incapable of learning and doing things

on my own.

It makes me confident. Cause I legitimately have the

Which is truly hot.

It doesn't matter that I don't have my make- up on or I've just run a brush through
my hair.

The skills make up for the lack of what I think I need.

But not all the time.



Between caring what the world thinks to conquering that mind set.

Do you?

It does take courage to dive in,  get wet and go for it-

No matter what skills you need to develop.

And to remind myself

it's o.k. to lack

other "stuff."

I gotta keep that mantra in my head.

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