Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day with Padre

(My purse ready to go next to Padre's. No there is no gun in it.)

Carpooling with Padre during his vacation was inevitable. I knew this last night as I looked at the few errands and appt I needed to do and knew Padre was going to that vicinity.
Timidly I pecked out a text to Madre. Uh.... I'm gonna need to get to..... " which was code for both of us that it meant me asking Padre to pal with me while he did his thing and I did mine.

beep. "He said he'd bring you with him."

sigh. Well, that was half the need of the text. The real things I wanted to bemoan were going on an errand run with him. I posted about the last one that almost ended in death.

WEll, morning came and there was a small glitch in that I couldn't find my glasses for a time and they were in the bathroom but I had searched everywhere around my bed, turned over dresser drawers- looked under dirty clothes.

When I walked upstairs Padre was in Pilot mode: ready to go.

He grabbed a grapefruit from the bowl on the counter and then I heard a moan: "Ahh, I wanted so bad to eat that before it went bad!"

That's too bad. I said empathetically but wondering at what point he'd decided on this since it was half way molded. Yet, he still cut it in half, discarded the bad part and wrapped the somewhat "good" part and put it into the fridge for later.

He had his bag; man purse. I had to chuckle. What do you carry in there?

"My stuff." he answered mattter of fact.

he does have a lot of stuff but I wanted to know- just what you carrying in there?

"My glasses (he has several pair. Some for sun. Some for outdoors. Another for... something.)


Paper work? You are on vacation.

"It's for Sam's Club. I gotta figure out blah, blah blah and such."


We started to drive off and I realized I needed to take some allergy meds. (Don't move here if you have good sinuses- they will be destroyed.)

I reached for Mug.

EMPTY! -And we had just left the house where he has a year supply. The two nasal decongestants, antihistamines and generic Tylenol were sitting on my dry tongue yet I questioned;

YOu didn't bring a drink for Mug? Incredulus that could actually happen.

"Well, I gotta get you to your appt. then go re-fill it."

That's right. He likes Common Cents ice. And their straws.  So I took out the wet pills and put them in a zip lock bag from my purse.

He dropped me off. We texted times and some various information that had to do with life and such.
Then, amazingly the stars aligned and his errand ended in time for me to just waltz to the car.

The next stop- Sam's Club. Then the Scout Store by the old Post Office.

We were headed home and it wasn't even noon. Man, it felt good. Plus, he'd refilled his mug and I got a nice swig that hit the spot.

The sun had come from behind the clouds, a cool breeze was wafting through the cracked window and we passed by Bill's Bike shop.

Could we take down my bike? I asked somewhat dreamily.

"Funny you should ask that cause there's a story that goes with it."

Does it end in bikes?


It [the story that ends in bikes] started with a background story about computers- which he's been researching for over a year. A conversation with a cousin stands out; something about Mac for work. Apple for fun. Or was it Microsoft for work and Mac for fun?

I glanced over at him as it transitioned to Sam's club and he pulled out one of their brochures from his man purse. There was a pic of a shed on it! I could see the end of the story.

Enduring something about being on Extreme Shopping Status Privileges at Sam's and the discounts, watching him talk with his dark lensed glasses on and THEN seeing one of the straws he'd gotten from Common Cents inch its way up his pocket to the point it looked as if he was drinking something from the pocket;

I gathered that it might be a possibility, sometime in the next decade, that we could get it down.
By then I was exhausted and it didn't matter. We hit home just as I had hit my max.

Here's another photo- the roving BBQer. We had to accomodate a party for J. the other day and so it is now in the hall.

Padre just informed me that we forgot to take the toner cartirage with us to Staples-- I can only thank the Lord that we had forgot it.

The day is half over and I wonder what exciting possiblities will be derived from my time with him.

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