Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunshiny Luck/Dog Accident/Ides of March!

"Amanda, what is all this?" my cowboy nephew, Kay Dub-ya, asked as he climbed the step into our house in his cowboy boots and waved his hand at the front window.

He was referring to the new decorations I'd put up since his last visit. Rather than go into a lengthy explanation about steroids/prednisone to a 3 year old, I told him about Leprechauns,

pots of gold at ends of rainbows and 4 leaf clovers that carry luck. Like horse shoes. This hit home for him. The horse shoe idea for luck.

However, what really drove the whole St. Paddy's luck thing home, was a book I read to him under condition he eat a lunch; like real cowboys do.

The book was about two boys trying to catch a leprechaun and make it laugh or something. It was set on an old Eglish farm, I believe, because the fences were made of rocks.

Which threw K.W., because he is used to "western looking" ones- that have to be fixed a lot. (you know, the wooden detiorating, rusty barb wire ones that J. loves to drive by when we head to their K. Dubs house/farm/ranch while listening to country music.

Outside little nehpew's door, are horses. (100 yards away )and K.W. is alllllllllllllll cowboy.

Every boy, that I've known, is "cowboy"- in the loose sense of the word. [He] Loves the horse idea and will rock/bounce on one until his cowboy hat or he himself is thrown. Loves trucks with hook ups to trailers. Animals to pull around. But to have real horses outside your door.... can you imagine?

Add a dog, cats for chasing mice and some chickens and you have Kade's bliss.

K.W. has inherited every pair of boots J. owned. (we didn't even own the real horses- just the hand-me-over springy rocking one from an Aunt!.) What K. will be happy to know is that he will ALSO inherit a pair that J. spent a good chunk of last summer earning just to wear out to their house. Dang you CAl-STORES!! (Actually they were bought at Vickers after some price/quality shopping. And Kade is the only one who has actually worn them the most. He pulls them outta the closet where Papa's boots are and puts on J.'s. This makes the purchase less painful.

(Yes, they are Tony Lamas)

Back to March!!!! Leave it to an English class to remind us to BEWARE of the next few days!!!! (Roman calendar- middle of the month- 15th. Every month has a middle. So you could say beward the Ides of August. Just count out what day is the middle. Anyway, the Seer foretold of Caesar's death, around the festival they had for the 'god' Mars; which Plutarch joked about in front of her cause it was past the Ides of March; the 15th.

But the 'ol witch had to strike some fear in him and, no doubt, paranoid causing confusion when she said;

"Ay, but Caesar is still alive" or something. Go look into Shakespeare's play exactness, I am going off Wikipedia to trigger my memory. And not Madre's few books from the case downstairs..

And while you are there, You can learn more about Caesar being stabbed, 23 times of so, by the Roman senate and some co-conspirators. One who he thought was his friend.... hence, the term: "Y tu Brute?" Bad month for this Jules C.

Great play. I especially love this book, that is no doubt out of print; Shakespeare Without Tears


They obviously mean the tears you get when trying to understand Shakespeare, and not the tears that come from actually getting the jokes, treachery, betrayal; so on and so forth. Maybe it talks about English teachers in relation to Shakespeare and how to deal with the tears that come outta that relationship. I dunno. I better read it.

Speaking of tear inducing behavior, Idaho is playing "tricky" with us; giving us more sunshine and warmness than we had in August. But the meteorologists said "snow" is in the forecast for Tuesday. J. said they [weatherpeople] "guess" for the most part. But I do have to give them a break, it changes on a dime here.

So ya gotta just enjoy the sun while ya can! I couldn't help but be excited for warm weather around the corner, and ignore the witch's admonishment to "beware" of a few days in March when the radio blasted Keith Urban's song: Better Life thumped from the radio!!

A nice little banjo mixed with electric guitar promising that GOOD LUCK is gonna shine and admonishments to HOLD ON cause we are headed for a BETTER LIFE! That there is a place that we can dream as big as the SKY and despite a long road, faith will get us up in the air; FLYING!!!!!

But he keeps singin' Hold on, Hold on, HOLD ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause someday I- you and Keith Urban are gonna be the ones headin' for a better life!!!!!!!!!!1

woot, woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL this--- chains that bind us, will be left behind according to sweet country singin' Keith Urban!

Throw your hats in the air and doe c. doe in your calico around the kitchen!

Take that IDES of March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, sometimes life is just hard. And right now we are feeling that in a big way and it involves a sweet blue tick hound, coincidentally named SUNNY. SUNNY BLUE.

(Hound Dog in pom pom form over the holidays.)

BABY SIS and hunny have been raising this adorable, sloppy skinned hound for a few weeks. You should see his face! Here it is!!

J. is just stoked Sunny is part of our family. Every time G. runs passed our house and stops we love to love on this hound dog that howls like a sad pup but isn't!!!!!

Sunny's training to be a good 'ol huntin' dog began a few weeks ago! This involved trips to the park and all sorts of training that I have no idea about. Except a shock collar. ugh. But Sunny did great! Enjoyed our sunny days in Idaho all day with his mum and pa!

And then something awful happened. Horribly awful. The kind of event that takes me back to my dog as a kid. Sunny, who was tied and centered in the back of G's truck wandered too far to the edge of the truck- G. was changing lanes and didn't see how far he'd gotten over and couldn't click the shock collar soon enough.

A loud "thump" drew his attention to the empty truck bed, his rear view window and the dark mass in the road less than a mile from home.....

Luckily, the rope snapped- or our Sunny could have hung his 80 pound, wobbly body from it. And LUCKILY the car a few hundred feet behind slowed before plowing "our" pup. G. jumped out, ran to Sunny- who was scared and tried to run away then recognized G. and let him pick up his broken body carry him to the truck and emergency drive to the vet.

Urban's song gives me hope that Sunny will recover. Despite a few days in vet hospital, and the unfortunate news that he didn't break a bone, but is front leg with no feeling; lost nerves. Along with his face, which hit the pavement at 30 miles an hour is even more pitiful to look at! The nerves are either fried or need time. One more week of anti-biotics, steroids (we both are on them! Bless the drug!)and pain meds. Pooooooor Sunnnnnyyy!!

He can't lift his leg, feel it, or anything. It just drags. So he has a rigged sling holding his bum leg up, out of the way, and attached with some stretchy stuff to his collar- to keep it out of the way. Already the weight he needs from the bum leg is shifting to his other front leg and bowing it.... Sunny is sad, very tired, and not the same dog we knew just a week ago.

Sunny doesn't know that he was going to be sniffing out antlers in the hills, hauling in whatever G. hunted in the mountains and whatever else hounds do. Unless, he's been watching some Disney movies. But he did know that every day he went on walks, ate food, and romped easily in his back yard and howled the most mournful cute howls that we can hear over here in our neighborhood; are harder to do. Are you crying yet?

Why do I share this heartwrenching story? I don't know. It just came out of my fingers. I want my baby sis to hear Urban's Song and HOLD ON!! I want Sunny's leg to miraculously heal.

J. said he felt confidant it will. Such faith. But I'm an adult, whose seen way too many Disney dog shows and hospitals. And Sunny's leg's fate has one week to resolve. Then he will have it amputated, I guess. I don't have the heart to see all this happen!!

I know, it's a dog for crying out loud! But he just GOT here a few month ago! It has been so fun! Especially since we didn't have to care for him, other than pet, walk and play with him! And he went home with his parents.

So, since this is March, and it's filled with Luck- I am banking on a miracle. Poo-poo to the IDES. And sharing this story with you so you can bank on some in your own lives. If, not, you might be a tri-pod dog, but heck, you will still have some SUN a commin'!!!

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