Thursday, March 1, 2012

Frog Cake

Make that KEY LIME cake!

I had wanted to make a frog cake for Leap Day. But it was a stretch... my neighbor offered to make me a cake and I realized it was a better option for me to take it easy. However, she actually came through on a frog cake! I am amazed!

She invited me over in the frosting process....
mmmm key lime frosting, too.

So I put my black sorels on, wore my nighttime clothing concoction (jammies= sweats/doubled long sleeved shirts- yeah, it's attractive.)

The mouth was going to be on top but when we put the two circled halves atop eachother the mouth looked better inbetween the slats!

Thanks to J's orange Nike box full of Valentine candy, we were able to really get creative and assemble the tongue!

(Yes, I did get in trouble with J. for crashing his candy without consent! He said: "I get that piece then!" For sure!!

It matched the balloon bouquet from Madre....

And froggie looked like he should just go swimming in the blue colored water that came with the surprise flower bouquet I received from my Aunt!

Such surprises all day!

Florence's Candies made everyone happy- thanks, Care!

And the best were the conversations with my loved ones. Thank you!

Deciding on a wish (es)

J in charge of the cam while I open gifts...

The best part of a party with my family is when my siblings get "going". Which means gets going on stories, jokes, movies, each other, etc.

Yesterday I was in stitches laughing, from the living room couch, as one my brother's informed baby sister of his idea of a wedding gift to her: a box full of kittens; released during the ceremony.

We have a bit of a genetically passed down phobia of cats that I will have to expound upon in a later post. But the idea of kittens' little claws hanging on to the side of her dress, winding themselves around high heeled ankles, curling their tails around legs... aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

If this isn't funny- sorry. You just have to know all the kitten/cat stories we have in the fam.

So that will be something for you to look forward to- cAt sTorIes. It is a bit Alfred Hithcock-ish. Start to shiver now! Because you will after all the stories you hear. And if you are a cat lover you will laugh at our fear. But hopefully you can be kind and keep your kitties contained.

I think I can find a key lime cake recipe for you to savor too. Til then...

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