Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Paddies Day Green

Sitting in a lawn chair Padre pulled out for me the other day.

The sun was shining and I was anxious to read one of my favorite magazines- This Old House. An article entitled: DIY-ers gone wild had caught my interest even though it wasn't the highlighted story for the month.

My expectations were high. I thought I'd be seeing Do-It-Yourself-ers going AWOL by asking for help or something. They did say it there were tales of "make overs". They just weren't in the personal department.

I had conjured up confessions of independents telling how, finally, they came to the conclusion that it was okay to delegate tasks. Their pictures would be taken, but only in the dark lighting where their identity would be hidden- you know, the kind that are reserved for people in Protection Programs.

Instead, it was the normal renovations I usually see, and love, in the magazine. The beautiful before and after pics were there. But, I was thoroughly let down that it wasn't a list of folks who'd gone over the edge with all their do it yourself-ness.

I walked into the garage and snapped a picture of another DIY-er gone "Wild" at least in the sense of the article.

Don't you love the green stain for these magnet/chalkboards?

Padre does such a professional job. I wouldn't call him wild, however. Not in front of him anyway.

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