Thursday, March 22, 2012

Accessory Fear

After baby sis dropped off two large black garbage bags that bulged like St. Nick's, of clothes, shoes, and accessories I went through them excitedly. I love to get hand-me-overs! Especially from her because she has taste and the only reason she must be getting rid of them is that she doesn't have room for them. Or they not working for her- I don't know, but I love to try her stuff on.

This purse is perfect. But it isn't my color. I threw all my magazines, books,journal and bear spray inside and it was PERFECT!

Except the color. DANG IT. But it is a "springy" color! A slight relative to the daffodils that should be coming soon!

I do appreciate function over, say fashion/color when in desperation. Heck, it could save my life one day while crossing the street or something! But I still couldn't decide if I'd let her pass it on to another, different skin toned soul. Say someone with actual color to their face.

When I told baby sis about my hesitation to take it on, she said:

"DON'T fear an accessory!" with the confidence of a fashion vet.

"I'm not afraid! I'm afraid I don't like the color!" I responded defiantly. However, in my mind I am thinking: 'this purse is gonna make running an errand to the grocery store harder to do if I haven't put make-up on, brushed my teeth, or taken off my bag lady clothing.

I took her advice and went with confidence at loading the bag with my "stuff" into the big, spacious bag and guess what!

I LOVE it.

Just like I love that this little carnation from my bday bouquet followed me into the bathroom!
This purse has the right pockets for my chap stick, stamps and pens; It holds my library books, and the magazines I love to pull out and look at the pics while waiting in a Dr. office. It has room to put my kitchen sink!

It hangs on my shoulder at just the right place. It conforms to my body. It was meant to be. This purse found its home with me!

I LOVE, love, lOVE it.

In ONE day, it made me a believer in function over my fear of a fashion accessory! (because to me, it isn't an accessory- ha! It's a tool; it fixes my problems.

Hope your weekend finds a similiar, happy tool ending story!

*btw- the purse's second trial run ended in disaster when J. put a Gatorade in the bag, not completely closed. So while sitting in the car, I found that the purse "leaks". Oh, well.

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