Thursday, January 8, 2015



I have a stack of post titles that are piling up. So I am just gonna start acting like I'm on sinking ship and start throwin' them over board. Too much to comment on.

Right now it is..... you guessed it! A medical malady that I had NO clue I'd have to face or could happen but DOES. When you are old, maybe. I have a lot of older friends and they haven't told me this one: hairline fractures in your ribs. From say coughing or picking up a baby or running into something if you have poor bone density.

yeh, you can FEEL like you were in a football game playing QB, got sacked and were only wearing your jammies and wah-lah! You are suffering from some broken ribs. And it doesn't end there! I have have a fracture in my leg and I just stayed off it a week with crutches, quite the basketball season, and felt miserable for myself cause I couldn't run track and so I threw the shot put.

Wulp, your ribs are different. It hurts to bring your arm up to type. Or write. Or breathe, READERS.
So you do what any wuss would do and breath short breaths as much as possible to avoid the TEN on pain scale. But guess what? That makes you more prone to getting PLEURISY or PNEUMONIA.

Pleurisy only feels like a heart attack. Pleural cavity gets infected and then is like sand paper rubbing against the other organs. That's a ton of fun.

Okay, boo- hoo. So that's a snippet version of the Snips in my life right now. Which include ski season upon us which means J. is like a Lab bringing you his walking collar and begging to go for a run outside in the frigid weather. Yes, I am still getting a daily weather report. For here, in good 'ol IF. For Targhee. And for North Dakota where we have family fracking. So they are in our worries and prayers and it feels like the Great Depression or some Dust Bowl scenario that came out of HS English class.

BOO!  And that means we have family here that are struggling to make it through cold winters, watching kids by themselves, etc. And because it is a modern day depression EVERYONE needs to be on deck, ya know? But say you have some rib cage issues and you are on deck blogging?

Yeh, I know. I can't decide which way I'd want it either. Rolling on my bed in pain or outside building snowmen trying to sell them to people going to Arizona. (Where did that analogy come from- oh, yeh, the higher dose of prednisone burst I was put on so I could breathe. heh- heh. One tends to forget. But, ya know it isn't doing a very good job of helping so that makes me wonder....
hmmm. Where was I?

Ugh. I just need to go to Susan Branch's blog and look at some of her pictures.

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