Friday, January 30, 2015

Miracle: Then & Now

This Picture was found among 2k pictures from a Wedding at Bob Hoff's Hangar several years ago!
*sorry for the dirty monitor.The back drop is a real sunset /dusk. It was a gorgeous night and within a few days of me receiving the bad news; that my body was failing all meds available for Crohns.
The only thing to do to keep the inflammation down was to go back up on the prednisone- and wait.
The wait was too long and irreversible damage took place.
The above photo was taken by the SAME photographer that took pics of J. and I before this last  Christmas!
A photo session that almost didn't happen because of illness. They stand as book ends from the start of a very difficult time - Yes, a new med has come out and I have been working my way down from 60. Countless times I have gone back up to a degree to allow my body to handle what my body no longer could produce.
Today I drop to 15. Back to where I was four months ago. It is a long process......
Maybe this photo is just a bookmark in the story.
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